White Print on Metallized Paper

'High white ink on metallic background, enhances the intensity of other colors'

How does white print on metallized paper work?
In order to be able to print “normal” colors on metallized paper or board, a white layer must be pre-printed first. The intensity of this white determines the final appearance of the entire image. By printing on sections of the paper without white as background, very beautiful (metallic) effects can be achieved. At Vrijdag Premium Printing we specialize in printing very intense white in both UV-offset and conventional offset.

Application of bright white ink on silver metalic paper
The technique of printing opaque white can be applied to both paper and board, as long as it is metallic (e.g. silver).

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Professional High Quality Die Cutting

Vrijdag Premium Printing has various die cutting machines. Our die cuts are of high quality with guaranteed precision. We are able to process large volumes, while quality and precision remain consistent. Your cut-out shapes will look professional and consistent every time.

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Printing on Special Paper

Different types of paper have different qualities. Which paper type is best for your packaging project depends on the look and feel you want to achieve, the required physical properties of the packaging and the technical processability. Choosing the right paper for a project will always be guided by a Vrijdag Premium Printing expert. 

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