Cigar Bands

'Tell the story behind your cigar brand, minimum order quantity is 50,000 pieces!'

Cigar bands
The paper ring around a cigar is called a cigar band. The use of cigar bands is mainly to denote a brand or variety and to protect the smoker’s fingers from becoming stained. There are many cigar band collectors. The cigar band designs of older brands tend to be much fancier than those of modern brands. Designs of cigar bands help brands to distinguish themselves from others. They do that by using special finish techniques not only for marketing purposes but also to protect themselves for anti-counterfeit.

Benefits of a cigar band

  • Perfect for marketing and branding of cigars
  • Ensures appropriate luxurious and recognizable appearance
  • Distinguish your brand by using special printing finishing techniques
  • All-over printable
  • Available in various shapes thanks to precision punching
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Produced in the EU / The Netherlands

Special printing techniques on cigar bands
Our broad range of finishing techniques allows us to produce almost any kind of cigar band. Cigar bands can be printed and personalized according to your brand identity and wishes. Often customers choose for special techniques such as dust-bronzing, hot foil stamping, detailed of embossing and/or lacquering to enhance the authenticity of the cigar band.

Minimum order quantity cigar bands
The minimum order quantity for cigar bands is 50.000 pcs.

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There are many different types, sizes and styles cigar bands. How do you create a powerful brand identity? Which special printing techniques match your brand identity? For customized advice you can always contact one of our experts.

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