DNA security ink

'DNA security ink is ink that contains unique coded pigments, ideal for plain packaging.'

What is DNA security ink?
For this purpose microscopic particles are added to the ink that contain a unique code. This code can be read with a special scanner. The particles are resistant to every conceivable damage and temperature.

When to add DNA ink to your design? 
This technique is mainly used when you, as a brand owner, want to identify your own products.

Advantages of DNA pigments for identification
The advantage of this application is especially the fact that the technique is invisible to the naked eye.

Stay a step ahead of counterfeiters!
We have various printing security techniques in-house. Combining these techniques with visible and invisible inks makes counterfeiting more difficult and complex. Check out our other security inks:

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  • Ultraviolet Security Ink
  • Thermochromic Security Ink

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