"Gives a print a very exclusive character thanks to a convex, crystal-clear top layer."

What is doming?
Doming is a technique that is often applied to self-adhesive labels. The addition of an epoxy resin layer over a print creates a curve that is reminiscent of a dome. The epoxy layer is crystal clear so that the image underneath is not only protected, but even slightly "enlarged". This resin layer gives the product an extra dimension. Doming provides a fantastic appearance, especially when it's combined with embossing.

Application of doming
Domings can mainly be found on self-adhesive labels. The self-adhesive labels with doming provide an extra luxurious or special finish on printed matter and packaging.

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Doming with extra 3D effects

A doming combined with the embossing technique provides an extra 3D effect. A doming itself has already a 3D effect due to the convex glossy layer. By adding an embossing (a print without ink) you create a beautiful three-dimensional effect in a doming.

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