"'The epoxy gives printed matter a very exclusive character due to a convex, crystal-clear top layer."

What is doming?
Doming is a technique often applied to self-adhesive labels. With doming, an epoxy resin layer is poured over printed matter. The epoxy resin layer is crystal clear and ensures that the image underneath is slightly “magnified”. The epoxy layer protects the printed matter and makes it stand out. A doming provides a fantastic appearance, especially when combined with an embossing.

Doming is often applied to self-adhesive labels. Vrijdag Premium Printing supplies these on sheets. A doming could therefore also be seen as a kind of sticker.

Application of doming
Domings are ideal for making details in designs stand out. Think of logos or a detail in the packaging design. Domings can also be used as a seal on packaging.

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Doming with extra 3D effects

A doming combined with the embossing technique provides an extra 3D effect. A doming itself has already a 3D effect due to the convex glossy layer. By adding an embossing (a print without ink) you create a beautiful three-dimensional effect in a doming.

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