Pearlescent foil

'Semi-translucent foil with pearlescent gloss'

Dreamy, soft glamour look thanks to pearlescent foil!
If you are looking for something special, we would highly recommend pearlescent foil. Pearlescent foil gives your print a high-quality look. Pearlescent foils can be transparent or slightly translucent and have a shiny pearl effect when used on white paper. They do add some colour, but are mainly used to make a certain element of the print shine. Pearlescent foil has a smooth texture and, in combination with paper or cardboard, generates a dreamy, soft glamour look.

How do we print the pearlescent foil?
Pearlescent foil is applied to a print by means of foil stamping. At Vrijdag Premium Printing we apply foil by means of heat and pressure. This technique is also called hot stamping foil, hot foil, hot foil stamping, hot stamp or hot foiling. The effects of foil stamping are extremely popular. The foil is transferred onto the underlying paper or cardboard by means of a cliché (metal plate). Heat and pressure smooth out irregularities and any roughness in the paper or cardboard used.

How many different pearlescent foil colour effects can be printed?
The colours of pearlescent foil are available in pastel shades with a matte or glossy finish. Unlike metallic foils, the colour choice of pearlescent foils is more limited. There are about 10 different pearlescent foils we can offer. Depending on the background colour of the paper or cardboard, the pearlescent effect changes, creating a very wide range of colour options.

Can pearlescent foil be printed on paper and cardboard?
Yes, we can print pearlescent foil on both paper and cardboard. 

Are pearlescent foils durable?
Pearlescent foil consists of a plastic carrier and a wafer-thin metallic layer. This metallic layer of a few microns thick is transferred to the paper or cardboard. A pilot is currently underway to recycle and reuse the plastic carrier. 

Is pearlescent foil suitable for labels and packaging?
Yes, pearlescent foil print effects are suitable for almost all labels and packaging. Please note, pearlescent foil looks best on a white background.

Do pearlescent foil effects combine well with other print effects?
Yes, pearlescent foil combines well with other printing effects. Examples of this are pearlescent foil with embossing or pearlescent foil with micro embossing. By combining different printing effects, it is possible to provide packaging or labels with a unique look. It can produce spectacular results!

Something to keep in mind
Pearlescent foil can be printed on coloured paper or cardboard, but this is less recommended as the gloss effect is dimmed and the colour of the paper may show through the foil.

Design tips

  • Pearlescent foil looks best on white paper or cardboard
  • Provides a smooth texture on the print
  • Draws attention to the details in the print
  • Ideal for making texts and logos on packaging stand out
  • Adds luxury and glamour to the print


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