Bottle Boxes

'Unique bottle packaging printed with special effects, minimum order quantity is 5.000 pieces!'

Gift boxes made Kraft cardboard

Vrijdag Premium Printing offers different constructions to pack your bottles. The most obvious construction is that of folding carton, made of Kraft cardboard. Kraft cardboard gift boxes for bottles have the advantage that they are delivered flat folded and take up little space during transport or storage. Kraft bottle boxes protect bottles very well and Kraft cardboard can easily be printed in offset or gravure.

In addition we also manufacture rigid cardboard gift boxes for bottles, additionally dressed with a printed sleeve out of folding carton. These rigid boxes are made of recycled board and covered with a nicely printed label.

Attractive packaging is essential
A gift box for a bottle is more than a wrapper. A packaging is an extension of your product presentation. If you want to stand out on the shelf, we recommend that you add special printing effects, such as a hot foil stamping, sparkling mineral powder, embossing or a lacquer to your packaging design. Elegant packaging adds value to your customers' purchase.

Is Kraft cardboard suitable for all printing effects?
Yes, basically all printing effects can be applied to Kraft cardboard. Which printing effect will suit your gift box best, depends on your product, design and/or brand. The possibilities are endless, and we are happy to advise you.

Advantages of Kraft gift boxes

  • Designed for carrying a heavy bottle of wine, beer, champagne or spirits
  • Kraft cardboard is strong, food-safe, sustainable and relatively lightweight
  • Kraft cardboard is suitable for all printing effects
  • Fine line raster printing is possible
  • Boxes are delivered flat (plano), which saves space during storage and transport
  • Boxes are easy to manually set up because of the so called auto-lock bottom
  • Reclosable
  • Materials are eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Produced in the Netherlands

Dimensions of a gift box for bottles
We produce gift boxes for bottles in all sizes and shapes. You can choose to create a custom-made box or you can use a standard size from our database. In this case, you save costs on the development of a cutting knife.

Minimum order quantity bottle boxes?
The minimum order quantity for bottle boxes is 5,000 pieces.

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We supply food-safe packaging materials!

Vrijdag Premium Printing is BRCGS Packaging Materials, Issue 6 (Achieved grade: AA) certified. This certificate is applicable to packaging in direct of indirect food contact. You have the assurance that the products we supply are safe, legal and of high quality according to the British Retail Consortium Global Standard.

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Need advice about bottle boxes?

What special printing effects does your packaging enhance? Which printing effects are sustainable? Do you need a packaging for an existing or new product? Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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