3D texture

‘3D relief effects on paper or cardboard provide an extra dimension and appeal’

Relief makes the packaging come to life!
Three-dimensional (3D) effects increase the appeal of your packaging. Relief gives structure to the surface and brings paper or cardboard to life. People are often tempted to touch relief patterns. Both visual appeal and touch influence the experience and impression of a product and brand. 3D relief effects can be applied all-over or in specific details to the printed material.

How do we print a 3D relief effect?
3D relief is created by literally deforming paper or cardboard. The printing technique we use for this is embossing. With embossing, paper or cardboard is pressed between two clichés. These fit together and ensure a sharp print. The relief that is created gives a 3D effect. The three-dimensional relief can be formed upwards or downwards. We call this embossing and debossing. The difference between embossing and debossing is that embossing creates an image or text that rises up from a certain material, while debossing pushes the 3D relief down into a material. Embossing results can vary greatly between paper types. 

How many different 3D relief effects can be printed?
A great number of different 3D relief effects can be printed. This is due to a combination of a number of factors:

  • First of all, the choice between embossing and debossing.
  • In addition, it is possible to print relief with the same height or with multi-level heights. With single-layer relief, the depth or height is the same throughout the entire image. With multi-level relief, different depths or heights are printed.
  • 3D relief effects can be applied all-over or in specific details to the printed material.
  • Of course, the paper or cardboard has a major influence on the final result of the 3D relief effect. Per paper type, the 3D effects can vary greatly.
  • Is the paper or cardboard blank or has it had a pre-treatment such as a metallised coating?
  • Furthermore, other printing effects also influence the look and feel of 3D relief when combined. 

Can 3D relief be printed on all types of paper and cardboard?
No, not all types of paper and cardboard are suitable. The composition of the paper or cardboard, your design, and the chosen production technique determine the result. Naturally, we have a large collection of (thin) paper and (thicker) cardboard, on which great 3D relief effects can be applied. 

Is 3D relief printing durable?
3D relief is perhaps the most durable printing effect. The relief brings paper or cardboard to life without the use of ink, lacquer, foil or other materials!

Is the 3D relief print effect suitable for labels and packaging?
3D relief print effects are, in principle, suitable for all labels and packaging. It can be applied all-over or in specific details to the printed material. 3D relief on a package or label conveys professionalism and can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your brand.

Do 3D relief effects combine well with other print effects?
Yes, 3D relief effects combine very well with other printing effects. Combining 3D effects with other print effects enhances the wow factor! For example, combine: Embossing with foil print, Sparkling Mineral Powder, gravure or lacquer! 3D relief effects are greatly loved because of the unique look it generates, and by combining different printing effects, it is possible to bring packaging or labels to a higher level.

Design tips

  • Printing without ink
  • Relief makes the packaging come to life
  • 3D relief effects can be used as a communication tool! Without ink, text can still be printed
  • Make certain parts of the printed material stand out, without losing tranquillity within the design
  • Embossing results can vary greatly per paper type.
  • Provides a texture to the print
  • Adds a luxurious look to the print


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