Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) contains a selection of the frequently asked questions about Vrijdag Premium Printing. If the answer to your question is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or by phone.

Enviromental friendly

I am looking for luxury eco-friendly packaging for my company. Am I at the right place with you?
Yes, you are in the right place! We produce eye-catching luxury packaging and labels from (optionally FSC-certified) paper and cardboard which can be printed with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

Do you have a FSC-certificaat?
Yes, Vrijdag Premium Printing holds the FSC-C165593, Certificate number: SCS-COC-008445. Are you interested in our FSC-certified papers? Feel free to contact us.


I have a great product, but no idea what packaging would go well with it. Can you help me?
Yes, we always guide our customers from design to production. You can build on our experience and knowledge. Quality and customization always apply. Our account managers will work with you to determine whether your idea is feasible, what the possibilities are, what the costs will be and what it will yield you. There is often much more possible than people initially think.

Do you have a BRCGS certificate?
Yes, Vrijdag Premium Printing is in possession of the BRCGS Packaging Materials, Issue 6 certificate. This certificate applies to packaging that comes into direct or indirect contact with foodstuffs. BRCGS packaging materials provides safety and quality guidelines for packaging materials manufacturers to ensure the safety and quality of food and non-food products.

I see that packaging of my brand is being counterfeited and that is why I want to add unique features (visible or invisible) to my packaging. Can you facilitate this?
Yes, we can incorporate security features from the very simple to the very advanced in the printed matter of a label, packaging or sleeve. Friday Premium Printing has the experience, specialist knowledge and the right equipment for this.

When does it make sense for a brand to add security features to the product packaging?

  • When you notice counterfeiters are trying to imitate the look of our products and you want to protect your brand.
  • When counterfeiters try to deceive potential customers with similar designs.
  • When due to customs / regulations, it's important that you can prove that your packaging is actually yours.
  • When you (for insurance reasons) need to prove by unique identification that a product / packaging is original.

I would like to renew and update my current packaging. Can you help me with that?
Yes, we certainly can help you with that. We often receive this request from companies who want to renew their packaging line or who want to change to a more sustainable packaging. We almost always deal with customization, so we advise you to contact us without obligation to discuss your wishes.

Can you give me a price quote?
Yes, feel free to request a price quote. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss what we can do for your company. To make things easy, we have created a price quote form. Please give a short description about the product you would like to have packed.

Corporate printing

Do you print corporate stationary, flyers, leaflets, brochures or business cards?
Vrijdag Premium Printing does not print corporate stationary printed matter. This is because as an offset printing company we are not equipped to print these types of products, which are often requested in low volume, for a competitive price. For corporate printing, we would like to refer you to a digital printing company.

Do you print A3 size cardboard folders?
We do not print cardboard folders. Vrijdag Premium Printing is specialized in producing packaging, labels and sleeves.

Do you print catalogs, manuals, magazines or annual reports?
Vrijdag Premium Printing specializes in printing paper and cardboard for packaging, labels and sleeves. If you are in need to have your catalogs, manuals, magazines printed, we recommend you to go to a digital printing company.

Family Printed Matter

Do you print birthday cards, wedding cards, invitations, poems, funeral cards or any other type of family printed matter?
Vrijdag Premium Printing does not print family printed matter. We are specialized in business to business (B2B) printing. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions, such as gift- and promotional packaging, labels, sleeves, folding cartons and wrapping paper for large and small companies all over the world. This involves high volume packaging. Our printing factory is not set-up and equipped for low volume printing matters. For family printed matter, we recommend you to contact a digital printing company.

Can you print and bind my book?
We do not print books or manuals, our printing facility is not set up for this. Vrijdag Premium Printing is specialized in producing eye-catching labels & luxury packaging for the B2B industry.

Student Printed Matter

Can you print my graduation project or print and bind my thesis?
We do not print graduation projects. Vrijdag Premium Printing provides a business-to-business (B2B) printing service and produces packaging in high volumes. We are not a copy shop. Our printing factory is not set-up and equipped for small projects or single pieces. We recommend students to contact a digital printing company.


Can I order 50 cigar bands with my own design?
The minimum order quantity for cigar bands is 50,000 pieces. It is not profitable to start the printing machines for low volumes. 

What is the minimum order quantity per product?

  • For gift boxes and promotional packaging, the minimum order quantity is 2,500 pcs 
    (this includes the two-piece rigid boxes, top bottom boxes, cardboard hinged boxes and custom-made packaging)

  • For interior box packaging, the minimum order quantity is 2,500 pcs

  • For bottle boxes, the minimum order quantity is 5,000 pcs

  • For carton sleeves, the minimum order quantity is  5,000 pcs

  • For sliding boxes, the minimum order quantity is 10,000 pcs

  • For folding cartons, the minimum order quantity is 10,000 pcs

  • For shoulder boxes, the minimum order quantity is 20,000 pcs

  • For cigar bands, the minimum order quantity is 50,000 pcs

  • For playing cards, the minimum order quantity is 3,000 sets

Print size measurements

Can you print on A0-format?
We cannot print an A0 format. The A0 format dimensions are: 84x118.8 cm (840x1188 mm) and the maximum paper size that Vrijdag Premium Printing can print is 74x106 cm.

Delivery of design / artwork files

What is the best way to deliver my design or artwork? What are the print delivery specifications?

  • Artwork made in Packz or ArtPro can be processed immediately
  • Artwork made with other software should be saved as a PDF
  • Please send us the used fonts, preferably in a separate folder
  • Convert different fonts (chinese, arabic atc.) into letter outlines

Do you have any tips that I can take into account when I create my artwork?

  • Trapping for line art or halftone 0,1mm
  • Keep text and essential elements 1,5 mm within the final size
  • Make bleeding colors at least 1,5 mm bigger than the final size
  • Thickness of positive lines 0,05 mm and negative lines 0,15 mm (may vary in full color and dark solid colors)
  • Please supply scans and images as Photoshop (TIFF) files, preferably in layers
  • Scans and images should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100% size
  • Bitmap images should have a resolution of 1200 dpi at 100% size
  • Diapositive text  in full color or a dark solid color preferably in corps 6 or higher and sans serif
  • Reduction of Bar codes maximum 80% (EAN-13 minimum width 30 mm and EAN-8 minimum width 22 mm

How can I convert my digital artwork files to print-ready files?
The prepress department checks all digitally supplied information for completeness immediately upon arrival. When this is complete, our prepress employees will convert your artwork and prepare it for production.

What is the best way to send you my artwork files?
You can submit your digital files through: 

  • WeTransfer (
  • E-mail (max. 10Mb)                                     
  • your FTP server

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