Sparkling Mineral Powder - Dust-Bronzing

'Pearlescent gold-, copper-, silver- and other sparkling metallic color tones added to print work.'

Printing Sparkling Mineral Powder / Bronzing
Printing Sparkling Mineral Powder is a pearlescent mineral powder that is fixed to paper or cardboard through a very thin layer of “glue”. This powder is a more sustainable solution in comparison with metal based powders (bronzing). Sparkling Mineral Powder has an authentic metallic glitter effect that creates a beautiful visual appearance because of the reflection of light. An perfect effect if you want your packaging and label to stand out on the shelf.

Sparkling Mineral Powder versus Dust-bronzing
Where we previously used metallic dust-bronze powders to create an authentic metallic effect on paper or cardboard, we have now developed a more sustainable: Sparkling Mineral Powder (SMP). Unlike dust-bronzing, SMP is free of heavy metals. SMP also has a wider color range than dust-bronzing.

Color range of Sparkling Mineral Powder
Sparkling Mineral Powder is available in a wide variety of colors! In addition to silver-, rose- to pearlescent-, gold- and copper tone colors, bright colors are also possible. SMP can be applied in different coverage rating and depending on the color of the substrate it gets a different effect. All CMYK colors and PMS colors can be combined with SMP. The possibilities are endless and are impressive. 

Benefits of Sparkling Mineral Powder

  • Sparkling Mineral Powder adds authentic look to a label or packaging.
  • Available in bright colors as well as in gold-, silver- and bronze tones.
  • Free of heavy metals.
  • High-quality and detailed printing effects.
  • The color range and design options are eye-catching and endless.
  • Can be perfectly combined with various other finishing techniques.

Application of Sparkling Mineral Powder (SMP)
To create a Wow-factor on your label or packaging Sparkling Mineral Powder is highly recommended. It is perfect for gift and promotional packaging, labels, sleeves, wrappers, folding carton packaging and also for for  example wrapping paper. SMP adds a touch of authenticity and a unique effect to your brand whether you’re in the chocolate industry, spirits, beauty or lifestyle products or others.

Sparkling Mineral Powder sustainable? Yes!
With sustainability in mind, we like to emphasize that Sparkling Mineral Powder is a metallic powder WITHOUT any metal parts. These mineral-based powders create any desired metallic effect, but are in fact metal-free. Therefore SMP is for example very suitable for labels and packaging in the food industry. These powders are also used in cosmetic (for example eyeshadow) and food products (ice cremes). 

Combine different printing techniques
Sparkling Mineral Powder can perfectly be combined with various printing effects. Amongst others combinations with embossing, hot foil stamping, gravure printing and varnishes.

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