Sheetfed Gravure Printing

'The name gravure comes from the technique that is used to prepare the printing cylinder'

What is gravure printing?
Gravure printing is one of the oldest printing techniques that exists. Consider the etchings of, for example, Rembrandt van Rijn. His etchings and engravings are gravure in a flat form.

Gravure print is a graphic technique in which the image to be printed is immersed in the printing form. At Vrijdag Premium Printing the printing image is immersed from a cylinder (cylinder gravure). This cylinder rotates in the ink, from which the surplus ink is cut off by a doctor blade. The remaining ink stays in the recessed part of the cylinder. The paper or board to be printed is transported between the printing cylinder and a counter-printing cylinder under printing pressure. The ink is transferred directly to the paper or cardboard.

Advantage of sheetfed gravure printing

  • It's the best way to print high-gloss gold, silver and metallic effects
  • It's perfect for applying all over structure in-line
  • We are capable to print in conventional as well as UV
  • Gravure printing is the only print process capable of printing consistent tone images, so no fluctuations
  • Gravure printing uses quick drying solvent basedinks to help speed up the print process
  • Gravure cylinders are extremely durable, can be used for several print runs
  • Thanks to printing on sheets gravure printing is suitable for (small) runs

Application of gravure printing
Gravure printing is one of the most widely used print techniques for high volume printing. Gravure printing is one of the most popular forms of print for packaging. Whether you're in the beauty and wellness, chocolate, tobacco or gift wrapping sector gravure offers you amazing printing effects. Are you looking at investing in quality printing for your product? Please contact us.

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