NFC Chip

'Protect your brand and engage with your customers through NFC.'

What is NFC, and how does it work?
NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communication technology. NFC is able to communicate without the need for an internet connection. The NFC technology only requires an NFC chip and an NFC reader. NFC chips are passive (and can be hidden in a package) and does nothing until an NFC reader (e.g. a mobile phone) is nearby. What makes NFC technology so innovative is that a NFC chip can not only send information, but also receive it, so two-way communication is possible.

Furthermore, the NFC chips are light, thin, and they work without a battery. The information on the chip remains on it for years, is secured and cannot be copied. NFC technology is popular because it can be applied to brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, asset tracking and consumer engagement.

Brand protection thanks to an NFC chip
When you want to ensure your customers have your original brand packaging in their hands? Then add an NFC chip to your branded packaging or label. The NFC chip is so thin and light that it can be invisibly integrated, without interfering with the package design. In addition, the NFC chip cannot be easily removed by fraudsters, and it is possible to encrypt the info on the chip, making manipulation more difficult.

NFC chip: connecting brands with people
As a brand owner, you can offer various services to the end user via the NFC chip. The possibilities are endless. Adding an NFC chip to a package provides a simple bridge to online content. This allows interaction to be created between customers and can strengthen bonding. In addition to print security, the NFC chip can share specific content about your brand. The NFC label remains attached to the end product from production to end use and is continuously connected with the user. For example, the chip can run unique links to special promotion websites that only the end user can scan. As a brand owner you can offer a message, service or discount.

More insight into your customers with data from end users
NFC chips can also be used for data collection. For example, points of sale can keep track of how many of products have been sold and how many are still in the warehouse. Brand owners can see where their products are in the world. When an end user is led to an online page via the NFC chip, you as a brand owner, have the opportunity to get in touch with the end user. This information can be valuable for marketing and service purposes.

The advantage of an NFC chip vs a QR code
The NFC chip is the innovative successor to the QR code. NFC allows interaction, unlike a QR code. NFC chips are interactive and stable. Where the QR code can only be read and must always be visible, the NFC chip can be added invisibly to packaging. In addition to receiving information, the NFC chip can also transmit information. This gives a brand the opportunity to use multimedia content marketing.

All the advantages of NFC technology at a glance

  • Easy to use, stable operation and fast in process.
  • NFC chips are passive and use no power
  • Data on the NFC chip can be secured and stays on it for a long time
  • NFC chips only takes action when an NFC reader is nearby
  • NFC chips can be processed in bulk
  • NFC chips are almost impossible to get off a packaging
  • NFC chips do not require batteries or other external power
  • Readable in all circumstances. Reading takes place within seconds.
  • Very compact chip shape
  • Cheap and robust technology, little susceptible to interference
  • Safe, cannot be read remotely

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