Hot Foil Stamping

'Glossy-, matte-, metallic-, mirror-, holographic- and even transparent foils can be applied.'

What is hot foil stamping?
At Vrijdag Premium Printing we apply heat foils. This technique is also called hot stamping foil, hot foil, hot foil stamping, hot stamp or hot foiling. With this printing technique, a thin color or metal foil is applied to the printed matter. The foil is transferred to the underlying paper or cardboard by means of a cliché (metal plate). Heat and pressure equalize irregularities and roughness of the paper or cardboard used. The foil gives glamor and exclusivity to a print and packaging.

Different types of foils
There are many types of foils that can be used for foil stamping. Think of gold and silver foil, metallic colors in high gloss, satin or matte versions. What many people do not know is that it is also possible to use holographic foil in different patterns or high security / security foil.

Advantages of hot foil stamping

  • Hot foil printing results in a top quality, high visibility label
  • The perceived product quality
  • Offers a range of colour options
  • Hot foil printing can be customisable

Foil technique combined with embossing
Add embossment while applying a foil to your design, the registration (fitting) of both techniques is 100%. We have special machine who can save you time while have the same effect as when you apply both techniques separate.

Foil combined with micro embossing
It's also possible to add micro embossing during the foil printing process. Micro emboss gives a very special effect and can also be realized in the same course during the film. Foil, relief and micro embossing can even be printed in one pass.

Add more special printing techniques to your design
The combination of foil pressure in combination with our other printing techniques can produce spectacular results. 

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