Advent Calendars

'A great way to promote products, minimum order quantity is 1,000 pieces!'

Advent calendar 2022
Advent calendars are the best way to present bestsellers or favorites to (new and existing) target groups. It is not without reason that Advent calendars are becoming more and more popular every year and more and more brands are launching an Advent calendar on the market. Advent calendars often contain mini versions of existing products and include unique items that cannot be purchased separately in the store. Counting down to Christmas has never been so much fun..

Suitable for almost every market segment and target group
The range of Advent calendars grows every year. Advent calendars are widely marketed. Advent calendars are available for men, women, children and even pets. Advent calendars can also be found in almost all market segments. Think of chocolate Advent calendars, Advent calendars with scented candles or home perfumes, beauty and cosmetics Advent calendars, perfume Advent calendars, jewelry Advent calendars, Advent calendars with socks, spirits or beer Advent calendars, coffee or tea Advent calendars and toy (LEGO) Advent calendars. Even for tools there are Advent calendars these days.

'More and more brands have realized what an amazing promotional tool Advent calendar can be.'

Minimum purchase of an Advent calendar is 1,000 pieces
You can order Advent calendars from us from as little as 1,000 pieces. Entirely printed according to your wishes and with your own design. Be inspired by the brands that have gone before you.

Filling up your Advent Calendar
For many of our customers we arrange the preparation and filling of the Advent calendars for shipment. Supply us with the right products and we take care of the rest. For one-stop shopping you have come to the right place at Vrijdag Premium Printing.

24-part or 12-part advent calendars?
Although an Advent calendar originally contains 24 compartments / 24 products, nowadays Advent calendars with 12 compartments / 12 products are increasingly available. The number of products for your Advent calendar does not matter to us. You are completely free to choose the shape / size and number of products you want to have in your advent calendar.

Sustainable Advent Calendars
For customers who would like to use FSC-certified paper or cardboard in their packaging; Vrijdag Premium Printing has an FSC certificate. This is paper and cardboard that has been harvested in a responsible manner. In addition, it is also possible to opt for new or recycled paper and cardboard. Think of solid cardboard (in different thicknesses), Kraft cardboard, folding cardboard or corrugated cardboard or paper. The choice of material depends on your packaging design, packaging construction and printing. Because the possibilities are endless, one of our packaging specialists will guide you throughout the entire process.

Premium design thanks to special printing effects
Adding special print effects to an Advent calendar increases the attention value and creates a wow factor. Printing in full color alone is no longer sufficient these days, consumers expect more. in any case, with the Christmas season approaching, consumers expect a special look and festive touch to the packaging. Special printing enhances the unboxing experience and the unboxing experience of the packaging is one of the main reasons why people choose a certain brand these days.

Advent calendar dimensions (inner / internal size)
The possibilities of Advent calendar packaging are endless if you stay within the dimensions of:
Length: minimum 88 mm – maximum 600 mm
Width: minimum 50 mm – maximum 400 mm
Height: minimum 12 mm – maximum 125 mm

Benefits of an Advent calendar for your brand

  • Ultimate presentation of your brand
  • Let consumers discover new products from the range
  • Promotion of your bestsellers or favourites
  • Limited-edition products / items
  • Good for both offline and online sales
  • Has focus on holidays, this concept can also be applied for e.g. Mother's Day or Valentine's Day

Questions? Please contact us
Advent calendars are real marketing machines and this is reflected in the number of requests that are increasing with us. Would you like to piggyback on this trend? Would you like advice or sparring with an advisor? Please feel free to contact us.

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