Fluorescent (neon) colors

'Neon is back. A well-chosen neon accent is trendy, stylish and cheerful!' 

How neon help you stand out!
Fair is fair: nothing emphasizes a graphic design as well as a with bit of neon. If you want your packaging to stand out on the shelf, it's important to subtly incorporate this bright color into your design. Using neon as an accent prevents you from going over-the-top.

What is Fluor / Neon?
Fluorescent (neon) colors are always clear, because they contain pigments that absorb ultraviolet light that then reflects. Fluor and neon colors are printed in PMS. PMS (PANTONE Matching System) is a universal color system of premixed standard colors. Each color has its own number and associated specifications. Printers worldwide can achieve the same color by using the PMS system.

How many fluor and neon colors are there?
There are 56 fluor and neon colors. These colors can be found in the PANTONE guide GG1504A.

Is neon ink suitable for cardboard and paper?
Yes, we can print fluor and neon colors on cardboard and paper.

Neon packaging
Special printing effects such as fluor and neon colors are suitable for almost all packaging. With fluorescent neon you can emphasize picture elements in photos and illustrations, and also make text pop. Neon can even be used to further increase the color range of CMYK.

Something to keep in mind

  • Neon colors illuminate extra under UV black light (they could therefore also serve as a security feature).
  • Fluor colors cannot be displayed on screen (RGB).

Design Tips

  • Because neon colors are so surprising and clear, consider to add just one neon color to your design. 
  • When you add a touch of black to your design, you create depth and contrast. Ideal to add details or to accentuate the design. 
  • Practice shows that neon ink works best on a white or black background.


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