'Seasonal packaging that makes festive moments even more beautiful and unforgettable'

Stylishly printed theme packaging for special moments
It is becoming more and more popular: packaging that responds to seasons, themes and holidays. A changing collection, a temporary product or limited edition packaging gives your assortment an enormous boost and stimulates sales. Consumers want to be continuously surprised. For beautiful packaging solutions printed according to the latest trends, Vrijdag Premium Printing is the right place for you!

Year after year we see the demand for unique theme packaging increasing
Seasonal packaging is a way of marketing a product and sparking sales in consumer segments that infrequently buy the product, by wrapping the product in a package closely related to seasons or holidays. If your looking for a seasonal or theme packaging of your product, find below an overview of the most popular seasonal or theme categories:

  • Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
  • Easter, Christmas, New Years Eve
  • Valentine's Day, Carnival, Sinterklaas
  • King's Day, Orange, European Championship, World Cup
  • Mother's Day, Father's Day
  • Marriage, Married, Relationship, Courtship
  • Pregnant, Birth, Baptism, Communion
  • Anniversary, Birthday, Abraham and Sarah
  • Thanksgiving and Halloween

Atmospheric packaging with a reliable and professional appearance
A special atmospheric packaging can be the first contact that the consumer has with your brand. It is therefore extra important that one has a positive experience. Thanks to, among other things, a unique printing, your brand packaging will stand out from the crowd.

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Lindt & Sprüngli
Omnom Chocolate Reykjavík

We supply packaging for every theme and season
All our packaging, labels, labels, interiors, inlays and sleeves can be printed in the desired season, theme or party atmosphere.

High-quality printing for an ultimate look
When packaging is provided with beautiful printing, it can work like a magnet! Consumers love special (printing) finishes. It contributes enormously to the feeling of luxury and quality. It is the way to increase the appeal of your brand. Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to only provide a packaging with full color printing.

For special printing, we offer you a wide range of printing effects. Vrijdag Premium Printing is specialized in this. (View the different special printing effects here) What is also interesting is that different printing effects can be combined excellently! This increases the exclusivity and appearance of the packaging.

Sustainable materials
For customers who would like to use FSC-certified paper or cardboard in their packaging; Vrijdag Premium Printing has an FSC certificate. This is paper and cardboard that has been harvested in a responsible manner. In addition, it is also possible to choose new or recycled solid cardboard (in different thicknesses), Kraft cardboard, folding cardboard or corrugated cardboard or paper.
The choice of material depends on your packaging design, packaging construction and printing. Because the possibilities are endless, one of our packaging specialists will guide you throughout the entire process.

Interiors and inlays
It can be that in some cases it is important to pack your holiday seasonal products secure. That is why we also provide custom-made interiors and inlays. You make a professional and high-quality impression on your customers. If you want a printed interior, that's no problem either. The printing space on an interior or inlay is often used for product information. Because every product packaging is different, the interior is always customised.

Would you like to provide your packaging with secured printing?
We can do that too! The value and exclusivity of an (seasonal or theme) product determines the vulnerability to fraud to a certain extent. There are many reasons to provide a packaging or label with secured printing. Vrijdag Premium Printing has the experience, specialist knowledge and the right equipment in-house. We can apply security features - from the very simple to the very advanced - in and on your packaging or label. To read more about secure printing, click here

Our specialists help you from A to Z
Need help developing new packaging for your holiday seasonal products? Or would you like to restyle or upgrade your current brand or product packaging? Not sure which themed packaging would suit your product? Our specialists can help you!

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Discover our special printing effects!

Special printing finishes are like the frosting on the cake, that makes your brand complete and truly memorable. Multiple print effects can be added on the same sheet! Grab customers’ attention with printed Metallics in bright colours, Spot UV, Glitter and Pearlescent, 3D textures, Matte and Gloss effects or Microstructures.

Become inspired

Need advice about seasonal packaging?

Every product always starts with an idea. A conviction. A passion. But how do you bring your idea to life? What are the costs and benefits? Our experts offer you professional advice and assistance. We will guide you through each step of the way. Feel free to get in touch.

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