Infrared security ink

'This ink is only visible or invisible when exposed to a source of infrared light.'

What is infrared ink?
Infrared inks have an electromagnetic radiation that is not perceptible to the human eye, with wavelengths between approximately 780 nanometers and 1 mm (106 nm), i.e. between the (visible) red light and microwaves. You need special IR sensitive equipment to see infrared printing. It is highly unlikely that people will discover your security features and finds a way to duplicate it.

There are two types of infrared (IR) security inks:

  • Visible infrared ink
  • Invisible infrared ink

Visible infrared security ink is printed with black ink
Under normal light conditions, black ink hides an image. Under the influence of IR light, the black inks disappears and an image can be seen.

Invisible infrared ink is printed with transparent ink
Under normal light conditions, the unique identification is invisible to the human eye. Under the influence of IR light an image shows.

Stay one step ahead of falsifiers and counterfeits!
In addition to infrared security ink, Vrijdag Premium Printing can add other visible and invisible security printing techniques to ensure unique identification. Combining these techniques  makes counterfeiting more difficult and complex. Check out our other security inks:

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