Matte and gloss

'Combine matte and gloss effects for a beautiful contrast'

Matte and glossy print contrasts are timeless!
Adding contrast to packaging and label printing can be an effective way to get noticed by consumers. Matte and glossy effects do not just play with the eyes, they also create texture. The subtle softness of the matte effect, combined with the reflective high gloss immediately adds an interesting “look & feel” added value to product presentations.

How do we print a matte and (high) gloss effect?
Matte and glossy print effects are printed with a special lacquer. A wafer-thin layer of lacquer is applied to a print and depending on the type of lacquer, a certain effect develops. Matte or (high) gloss. 

How many different matte and gloss colour effects can be printed?
Matte and gloss effects can be printed in transparent as well as coloured lacquer. When opting for transparent lacquer, the background colour of the paper or cardboard influences the end result. Printing a transparent lacquer over a base of colour printing is also a possibility. For matte and gloss effects that are printed with a coloured lacquer, you can choose from CMYK and PMS colours.

Can matte and gloss be printed on paper and cardboard?
Yes, we can print both matte and glossy effects on paper and cardboard. 

Is a matte and gloss print durable?
Various lacquers are available. Examples of sustainable lacquers are water-based lacquers and biodegradable lacquers. We try to use sustainable lacquers as much as possible and, together with our suppliers, we continuously carry out tests to use more environmentally friendly raw materials. Depending on the desired lacquer effect, we will offer a suitable lacquer.

Is the matte and glossy print effect suitable for labels and packaging?
Yes, matte and glossy print effects are suitable for almost all labels and packaging. Whether used all-over or as a detail, the contrast provided by the matte and gloss effect will create added value. The great thing about the combination of matte and gloss is that you can play with both the visual (look) and texture (feel). This distinguishes this printing effect from the other effects.

Do matte and glossy effects combine well with other print effects?
Yes, matte and glossy effects combine very well with other printing effects. For example, combine: Matte gloss with embossing or Matte gloss with gravure printing or Matte gloss with foil printing! By combining different printing effects, it is possible to provide packaging or labels with a unique look and feel.

Design tips

  • Matte and glossy effects can be printed with transparent as well as coloured lacquer
  • Provides a smooth texture on the print
  • Can be applied all-over or locally (as a detail)
  • Ideal for making texts and logos on packaging stand out
  • Adds a luxurious look to the print
  • Is fingerprint resistant (hygiene)

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