Two-piece Rigid Boxes

'Boost up your sales using a two-piece rigid boxes, minimum order quantity is 2,500 pieces!' 

Two-piece rigid boxes
When you’re looking for an elegant way to present your gift and products a two-piece rigid box could be the solution. This type of product box is made of rigid carton and consists of two pieces: a lid and a bottom. The bottom part has a collar and the box closes because the top part of the box slides over an collar.

Two-piece rigid boxes are perfect for luxurious presentation of your products. It can be customize in size and printing finish effects to your desire. Customers often choose to add a custom interior.

Benefits of a two-piece rigid box packaging

  • Top quality packaging made of rigid carton
  • All-over printable on in- and outside of packaging
  • Custom made box with eye for detail
  • Available with interior and sleeve
  • Luxurious presentation of your products
  • Ready to be filled immediate
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Produced in the EU / The Netherlands

Application of two-piece rigid product boxes
Great products come in great packaging! Two-piece boxes are very popular for packaging luxury items such as biscuits, chocolates, lingerie, electronics, candles, perfume, and cosmetics. Vrijdag Premium Printing two-piece product boxes can be custom made for all kinds of products and occasions.

Two-piece box dimensions (inner / internal size)
Length: minimum 88 mm – maximum 600 mm
Width: minimum 50 mm – maximum 400 mm
Height: minimum 12 mm – maximum 125 mm

Luxury packaging designs
If you’re aiming to be a true luxury brand, however, the importance of your packaging can never be overestimated. Add special finishing techniques on the inside or outside of your two-piece product box and create a wow factor. Your packaging box will look spectacular. Let us advise you.

Minimum order quantity two-piece box packaging
The minimum order quantity for two-piece packaging is 2.500 pcs.

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