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Attractive appealing toys and games packaging
If you are looking for incredibly beautiful printed toy and game packaging solutions, Vrijdag Premium Printing is the right place for you! We supply functional, tailor-made game packaging for card games, board games, educational games, but also box art packaging for video games, PC games, Xbox One games, console games or smart games. Everything will be printed in your desired look and feel. Whether it's a Limited Edition or Collector's Edition, our special print effects will make your game packaging stand out.

The right play packaging brings the toys to life
Packaging is an extension of your brand. It should seduce, stand out from the crowd and, best of all, if the consumer wants to keep the packaging because it is so beautiful. In addition, the unpacking experience or also the unboxing experience is important. Especially with games, the packaging ensures that the consumer becomes enthusiastic about the game.

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VXD International (Vertex GmbH)
Cook and Becker

Packaging solutions ideal for games

  • Solid cardboard gift boxes (possibly in combination with folding cardboard)
  • Two-piece product boxes
  • Bottom Lid boxes
  • Luxury printed folding cartons
  • Hinge boxes
  • Sliding boxes
  • Printed Cardboard Sleeves
  • (Printed) interiors and inlays
  • Secure printing against fraud and counterfeiting of your packaging

High-quality printing provides a real wow factor
When a package is provided with beautiful printing, it can work like a magnet! For the real game collector, the appearance of the packaging is also important. Especially when special (printed) finishes have been added. This contributes enormously to the feeling of luxury and quality. It is the way to increase the appeal of your brand. Nowadays it is no longer sufficient to only provide a game packaging with full color printing.

For special printing you can choose from a wide range of printing effects at Vrijdag Premium Printing. We are specialized in this. (View the different special printing effects here) What is also interesting is that different printing effects can be combined excellently! This increases the exclusivity and appearance of the packaging.

Durable materials
For customers who would like to use FSC-certified paper or cardboard in their packaging; Vrijdag Premium Printing has an FSC certificate. This is paper and cardboard that has been harvested in a responsible manner. In addition, it is also possible to opt for new or recycled paper and cardboard. Think of solid cardboard (in different thicknesses), Kraft cardboard, folding cardboard or corrugated cardboard or paper. The choice of material depends on your packaging design, packaging construction and printing. Because the possibilities are endless, one of our packaging specialists will guide you throughout the entire process.

Interiors and inlays
The interior of the packaging is very important for an optimal game presentation. The interior can possibly keep the different parts of the game (such as manuals and maps) well organized. You make a professional and high-quality impression on your customers. If you want a printed interior, that's no problem either. The printing area on an interior or inlay is often used for product information, but in games brands more often opt for atmospheric images or illustrations. Because every product packaging is different, the interior is always customised.

Would you like to provide your game packaging with brand security?
We can do that too! The value and exclusivity of a (toy or game) product determines the vulnerability to fraud to a certain extent. There are many reasons to provide a packaging or label with secure printed matter or brand security. Friday Premium Printing has the experience, specialist knowledge and the right equipment in-house. We can apply security features - from the very simple to the very advanced - in and on your packaging or label. To read more about secure printing, click here

Our specialists help you from A to Z
We bring you reliable custom toy boxes made from high quality materials and vibrant printing options. When you hold a packaging made by Vrijdag Premium Printing, you will feel that you are dealing with a high quality product. Do you need help developing new packaging for your game or games? Are you looking for a unique limited edition packaging or do you want to market a collector edition packaging? Our specialists can help you! 

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Brand protection thanks to an NFC chip

When you want to ensure your customers have your original brand packaging in their hands? Then add an NFC chip to your branded packaging or label. The NFC chip is so thin and light that it can be invisibly integrated, without interfering with the package design. In addition, the NFC chip cannot be easily removed by fraudsters, and it is possible to encrypt the info on the chip, making manipulation more difficult.

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Need advice about packaging for games?

Every product always starts with an idea. A conviction. A passion. But how do you bring your idea to life? What are the costs and benefits? Our experts offer you professional advice and assistance. We will guide you through each step of the way. Feel free to get in touch.

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