Self Adhesive Labels

'Let us help you create the perfect label for your project, minimum order quantity is 50,000 pieces!'

What are self adhesive labels?
Self adhesive labels or sticky labels are printed in offset on paper and designed to be affixed to another object. A self adhesive label construction is made up of three layers; a face material, a pressure sensitive adhesive, and a backing sheet coated in a release agent. The layers are laminated together and then die cut to produce the individual labels. The label sticks immediately after the back (the backing) has been removed. It is comparable to a sticker. Self-adhesive labels from Vrijdag Premium Printing are supplied on sheets and are suitable for manual processing.

Benefits of self adhesive labels

  • Can be provided with (all-over) special printing effects
  • Available in all shapes and sizes
  • Available in both small and large quantities
  • Suitable for packaging and products
  • Choice of different glue types depending on adhesion requirements
  • Materials are recyclable
  • Excellent quality
  • Produced in the Netherlands

100% compostable self-adhesive labels are also possible
Vrijdag Premium Printing also produces compostable self-adhesive labels. These eco-friendly labels are provided with biodegradable glue and can be utilized with durable special printing effects. Compostable labels are ideal for organic products such as fruit and vegetables where the peel after consumption can be disposed of with label.

Printing options for self-adhesive labels
Self adhesive labels are printed in offset. To increase the attention value of your product, we advise you to also apply compostable printing effects.

Self-adhesive label dimensions
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Minimum order quantity self-adhesive labels
The minimum order quantity for self adhesive labels is 50.000 pcs.

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Embossed self adhesive labels

Embossed labels allow you to add custom design, lettering, decoration or pattern effects to your product packaging. Embossed labels are a type of pressure-sensitive label that have had custom dies placed, using high pressure, onto part or all of a label material. The result is an embossed label with depth and texture. 

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Need advice about self adhesive labels?

What kind of glue layer would be the best fit for your product? Which special finishing technique can give your label a 'wow' factor? Seeking expert labeling advise for new or existing product label? Feel free to get in touch.

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