'Gives your packaging a nice, even layer of protection and extra charisma'

Laminating means that a transparent, silver or gold foil is applied to the printed material by use heat. Lamination provides extra thickening, strength and a luxurious appearance. 

Advantages of lamination

  • Laminating gives your packaging strength
  • Prevents tearing
  • Has a high resistance to moisture and scratches
  • It is possible to wipe fingerprints, dirt and water droplets without loss of quality of the printed matter

Types of laminate
Laminate foil is available in all sorts of variants such as gloss laminate, matte laminate, satin laminate, soft touch laminate, textured laminate or silver and gold laminate.

Application of lamination
Laminating is very suitable for folding cartons and rigid cardboarc box packaging.

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