About Vrijdag Premium Printing

'Your One Stop Shop for design, packaging, (special) printing and assembly.'

Vrijdag Premium Printing (founded in 1905 by Louis Vrijdag), is known for its high-quality printing, luxury packaging and premium labels for the B2B industry. With more than a hundred years of knowledge and experience, our mission is to create a high added value for paper and cardboard. We have a wide range of machinery and are therefore able to add special printing effects to labels and packaging, which creates a great distinctive character.

'Special print effects give your brand a striking and individual face and make your packaging stand out on the shelf.'

Our Core Values

  • Knowledge: Vrijdag Premium Printing has incorporated Premium in the name for a reason. Knowledge is essential for the high quality that we can offer our customers. Knowledge development, knowledge transfer and knowledge assurance therefore receive constant attention for Vrijdag Premium Printing.

  • Innovation: Thanks to the knowledge of our employees and the 'drive' to realize innovative solutions for our customers, we are able to deliver innovation on an industrial level. In collaboration with suppliers and machine builders, we like to think "out of the box" with success.

  • Speed: The one-stop-shop concept that we offer our customers has everything to do with speed, efficiency, fast work processes and short lead times. As a company we strive for the highest possible service where we can quickly respond to the wishes of the market and customers.

  • History: Vrijdag Premium Printing is a real family business. People don't think in years but in generations. There is a social and stable corporate culture. Employees often work with us for a long time, so knowledge and expertise are deeply anchored in the organization, which results in high-quality services.

Purveyor to the Royal Household since 2005

Since 2005, Vrijdag Premium Printing has been able to call itself the purveyor to the Royal Court 'by Royal Decree'. An honorary title and a high quality mark. Friday Premium Printing is extremely proud to have been awarded the title supplier to the Royal Household. Dutch companies that qualify for the title Purveyor to the Court must meet the following requirements:

  • Impeccable business operations
  • At least 100 years of existence
  • Impeccable behavior
  • Financial key figures over the past 5 years
  • Clear history
  • A very important position in their region


From technical and design support to high-quality production
Friday Premium Printing gives your packaging the professional and expert attention it deserves. We also work together in a network of specialized suppliers. Sometimes for tools or special materials, at other times for specialist operations. We always assume the role of main contractor, so that you are unburdened and we bear ultimate responsibility.

We are happy to share our knowledge and know-how to help you achieve your goals. Contact us for more information and see what we can do for you.

General information

Industry: Specialized Packaging Company and Printing Company

Company size: 115 employees

Type: Privately held

Founded in: 1905

Products: Gift boxes and promotional packaging, bottle boxes, two-piece rigid boxes, top bottom boxes, shoulder boxes, folding cartons, custom-made packaging, cardboard hinged boxes, sliding boxes, cigar bands, wet glue labels, self-adhesive labels, packaging interiors and inlays, printed cardboard sleeves, playing cards.

Printing techniques: Offset Printing, Sheets Gravure Printing, Embossing, Hot Foil Stamping, Sparkling Mineral Powder, Lacquers, Varnishing, Lamination, Die-cutting, Doming and Security Print.

Sectors: a.o. Chocolate, Beverages, Tobacco, Perfume, Beauty and Wellness, Coffee and Tea, Candles and Home Fragrances, Jewelry and Fashion, Cosmetics.


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