About Vrijdag Premium Printing

Vrijdag Premium Printing is known for its beautiful labels & luxury packaging with special printing effects. We produce exclusively for the B2B industry and customers know where to find us if they are looking for sustainable packaging with a 'wow' factor. This is achieved by the craftsmanship of our employees in combination with modern machinery. Consumers love it!

At Vrijdag Premium Printing we give every package the professional and expert attention it deserves. We are also happy to share our knowledge and know-how to help your brand achieve your goals.


Our Corporate Values

TEAMWORK - We are strong together, together we are one
Only by working together can Vrijdag be fully empowered. Every employee feels that he or she is a link in the process and that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. By bundling the individual qualities, we are able to produce efficiently. Together we deliver distinctive products of high quality. Working together is more fun.

TRUSTWORTHY - We have confidence in our craftsmanship, our colleagues and in our organization
Within Vrijdag, we give and receive trust from each other. We show respect to each other and take each other seriously. We assume that everyone within Vrijdag has the right intention with which they are able to make independent choices within their role. We count on everyone to do what they say and act accordingly. We can learn from our mistakes.

DISTINCTIVE - We dare to be different
Within Vrijdag, the expertise of our employees allows us to think in terms of possibilities. We like to be challenged and are flexible. At the Vrijdag family there is room to pioneer, so that we come up with creative solutions with guts and passion. We set high standards when it comes to delivering quality. We combine craftsmanship with contemporary technology and have an eye for sustainability.

OWNERSHIP - We feel and take our responsibility
Within Vrijdag, each employee takes responsibility for carrying out the activities and tasks that fit his or her role and assignment. Employees are encouraged to develop themselves, whereby the goals of the organization come together with the ambitions of the employee. Everyone at Vrijdag knows, for the proper performance of his profession, what the wishes and requirements of the (internal and external) customer are. Taking proactive initiatives to implement improvements is part of this.


Purveyor to the Royal Household since 2005

Since 2005, Vrijdag Premium Printing has been able to call itself the purveyor to the Royal Court 'by Royal Decree'. An honorary title and a high quality mark. Friday Premium Printing is extremely proud to have been awarded the title supplier to the Royal Household. Dutch companies that qualify for the title Purveyor to the Court must meet the following requirements:

  • Impeccable business operations
  • At least 100 years of existence
  • Impeccable behavior
  • Financial key figures over the past 5 years
  • Clear history
  • A very important position in their region


General information

Industry: Specialized Packaging Company and Printing Company

Company size: 115 employees

Type: Privately held

Founded in: 1905

Products: Advent Calendars, Top Bottom Boxes, Hinged Lid Boxes, Two-piece Rigid Boxes, Sliding Boxes, Shoulder Boxes, Luxury Mailing Boxes, Bottle Boxes, Folding Cartons, Custom Boxes and Packaging, Playing Cards, Album Covers, Labels and Hang Tags, Cigar Bands, Wet Glue Labels, Self Adhesive Labels, Sleeves, Inserts, Wrapping Papers.

Printing techniques: Offset Printing, Sheets Gravure Printing, Embossing, Hot Foil Stamping, Sparkling Mineral Powder, Lacquers, Varnishing, Lamination, Die-cutting, Doming and Security Print.

Sectors: Chocolate, Beauty and Wellness, Health, Perfume, Chocolate, Beverages, Coffee and Tea, Tobacco, Jewelry, Fashion, Candles and Home Fragrances, Electronics, Games, Season and Theme, Promotional.


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