Coffee and Tea

'Create an amazing unboxing experience and use your packaging design for brand communictaion'

Make your packaging a visual treat
Packaging is playing an increasingly important role in marketing. Consumers want to experience the brand. Especially with products  in the higher value segment, consumers want to see this reflected in the packaging. From that point of view,  add special print effects to your packaging design so that your brand stands out on the shelf.

A wide variety of coffee and tea box options are available for you

  • Solid cardboard gift boxes
  • Folding cartons with luxurious printing
  • Wet-glue paper labels
  • Small cardboard shoulder boxes
  • Wrapping papers

A small selection of our customers

Douwe Egberts L'OR koffie
Douwe Egberts Moccona koffie
Rodeij thee en koffie
Tea'ce Company

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