Relief security ink

'This ink creates visible elevation, relief and 3D textures on paper or cardboard.'

What is relief ink?
Relief ink thanks its name to the printing effect of visible elevation, relief and 3D textures on paper or cardboard. The ink itself can be transparent or coloured and can be printed in glossy or matte. Copying and scanning relief ink is very difficult as the resolution of most copiers is too low and the text will fill with ink when printed.

Relief micro-texts as a security feature
Microtext printed with relief ink is ideally suited as a security feature. The addition of microtext as print security is intended to prevent copying and scanning in the fight against trademark fraud, counterfeit products or intellectual property. Microtext is often incorporated into the guilloche patterns.

Guilloches are high resolution geometric fine lines. The guilloche lines are characterised by zigzagging, winding or interlacing. These graphic designs are designed with special software. Guilloches are often applied in combination with microtexts, to protect against counterfeiting and fraud of printed matter.

Advantages of microtext security
Microtexts are easy to check, and imitation is nearly impossible.

Examples of microtext security features
Banknotes, admission cards, tickets, passports, package sealing, ID cards, documents, licences are examples of products that can be equipped with microtexts. Unfortunately, it is not possible to show microtext examples from our customers on the website.

Stay one step ahead of falsifiers and counterfeits!
In addition to relief security ink, Vrijdag Premium Printing can add other visible and invisible security printing techniques to ensure unique identification. Combining these techniques  makes counterfeiting more difficult and complex. Check out our other security inks:

  • Infrared security ink
  • Ultraviolet security ink
  • Thermochromic security ink
  • DNA security ink
  • Interference security ink
  • Hologram security foil

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