Shoulder Boxes

'Firm and lightweight shoulder boxes, minimum order quantity is 20,000 pieces!' 

Shoulder boxes
A shoulder box is a mounted cardboard box with a hinged lid. The outside, but also the inside, lends itself perfectly for all-over printing with for example your logo or brand name. The cover closes over a collar and can be provided with a simple cardboard lock.

Benefits of a shoulder box

  • Shoulder boxes are ready-to-use and can be filled immediately
  • Also suitable for mechanical filling
  • Hinge can be either side
  • All-over printable on in- and outside of packaging
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction High stacking resistance
  • High stacking resistance
  • Ready to be filled immediate
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Produced in the EU / The Netherlands

Application of shoulder boxes
Shoulder boxes are an ideal packaging solution for small products like promotional gifts, chocolates, jewelry, samples, cosmetic and beauty products, cigarettes and cigarillos.

Shoulder box dimentions (inner / internal size)
Length: minimum 75 mm – maximum 136 mm
Width: minimum 43 mm – maximum 125 mm
Height: minimum 9 mm – maximum 22 mm

Luxury printing techniques for shoulder box packaging
Shoulder boxes can be finished with many different printing techniques. Add print to the outside or inside of shoulder box and increase the attention value and brand experience! Let us advice you.

Minimum order quantity shoulder box packaging
The minimum order quantity for shoulder box packaging is 20.000 pcs.

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