Thermochromic security ink

'This ink becomes visible or invisible at a certain temperature.' 

What is thermochromic ink?
Thermochromic ink (also called thermochromatic ink) is a type of dye that changes color when temperatures increase or decrease. There are reversible thermochromic inks and irreversible thermochromic inks to achieve visible or invisible effects. Various temperatures are possible in different colors from which a choice can be made.

Applications of thermochromic ink
Thermochromic ink can not only be used for security printing often these inks are used as a decorative and fun gimmick (for example marketing promotions).

Temperatures and color changes
The options with thermochromic inks are quite diverse! There are various temperatures and colors available. The effectiveness of the thermochromic ink is mainly determined by the amount of ink that is printed. We can apply a relatively thick layer of ink to our sheets of gravure press, making this technique perfect to achieve the desired effect.

Stay a step ahead of counterfeiters!
We have various printing security techniques in-house. Combining these techniques with visible and invisible inks makes counterfeiting more difficult and complex. Check out our other security inks:

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