Ultraviolet security ink

'This ink is only visible when exposed to an ultraviolet light source.'

What is ultraviolet?
Ultraviolet is not perceptible to the human eye. The electromagnetic radiation falls just outside the observable spectrum of the human eye. Ultraviolet is often abbreviated as UV or referred to as ultraviolet radiation, black light or UV light.

Transparent ultraviolet security ink
Under normal light conditions the unique identification printed with ultraviolet ink is invisible to the human eye, when exposed to ultraviolet radiation it is visible. This version is available in various colors.

Metallic ultraviolet security ink
This ultraviolet variant is processed in metallic ink. Under normal lighting conditions, only gold or silver printing can be seen. The unique identification is only visible when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Stay one step ahead of falsifiers and counterfeits!
In addition to ultraviolet security ink, Vrijdag Premium Printing can add other visible and invisible security printing techniques to ensure unique identification. Combining these techniques  makes counterfeiting more difficult and complex. Check out our other security inks:

  • Infrared security ink
  • Thermochromic security ink
  • DNA security ink
  • Interference security ink
  • Hologram security foil
  • Relief security ink

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