Gilded classic gold, silver, bronze and copper

'Printed authentic metal tones provide value and charm'

The magic of gold, silver, bronze and copper
Across the globe, value has been attached to precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze and copper for thousands of years. Even colour tones of these precious metals increase the value. These colour shades are indispensable in fashion, cosmetics and interior trends. Gold, silver, bronze and copper appeal to almost everyone. They are absolute classics.

It is only logical that the magic of gilded metal tones can also be found on packaging and labels. Printed authentic metal tones provide added value and charm.

How do we print gilded classic metal tones?
To achieve the gilded metallic effect, we use Sparkling Mineral Powder (SMP). This durable metallic powder is attached to paper or cardboard by means of a very thin “glue layer”.

How many gilded classic metal tones are there?
Many customers initially think of the classic colours such as gold, silver, bronze and copper when it comes to gilded and metal tones. It is also possible to play with the coverage levels within this colour range. As a result, very special effects can emerge. For example, with a semi-transparent cover, the colour of the paper or cardboard comes into play. This affects the final colour of the metal tone.

Can gilded classic metal tones be printed on paper and cardboard?
Yes, we can print gilded classic metal tones on paper and cardboard.

Are gilded classic metal tones durable?
When it comes to sustainability, we would like to mention that Sparkling Mineral Powder (SMP) is a metallic powder WITHOUT metallic parts. These mineral-based powders create all kinds of desirable metallic effects, but are essentially metal-free. It is suitable for labels and packaging in the food industry.

Are gilded metal tones suitable for labels and packaging?
Special printing effects such as gilded metal tones are suitable for printing on almost all labels and packaging. Whether it is used all-over or just in the details of the design, it will add value to the label or packaging.

Do the gilded metal tones combine well with other print effects?
In itself, the effect of the colour of the gilded metal is beautiful and authentic. But when one chooses to add extra printing effects, the design and packaging are taken to an even higher level. Sparkling Mineral Powder (SMP) combines very well with embossing, lacquering and foil. Combinations of these printing techniques with SMP lead to amazing results. 

Design tips

  • Sparkling Mineral Powder (SMP) is also available in bright colours, CMYK and PMS
  • SMP can be applied in different coverage levels
  • The background colour of paper or cardboard plays a role in the semi-coverage level of SMP
  • Can be perfectly combined with other printing effects
  •  Gilded metal tones with 3D relief provide more depth to the print

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