Hologram security foil

'Foil where, as soon as light falls on it, a spatial pattern or image becomes visible'

What is hologram or holographic foil?
A hologram or holographic foil displays a 2D pattern or 3D image on foil. The larger a hologram, the more incidence of light, reflection and the more 'spatial' the effect. A hologram is created by laser photography, also known as DOVID (Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device). Holographic foil can be applied to prints or products as a security element against fraud and counterfeiting. 

Benefits of a security hologram
A hologram is difficult to imitate or copy. The possibilities of holographic patterns, colours, and images are endless. It is possible to have your own hologram design (possibly with logo) made, but ready-to-use holographic foils are also available.

Holographic effects
Silver or gold foil generally provides the best holographic effect. The choice for a 2D or 3D image also has a major bearing:

  • 2D holographic foil provides a flat image that is characterised by patterns, designs and changes in colours
  • 3D holographic foil displays a spatial image, photo or object, the colour changes here are, of course, also endless

Examples of hologram use as a security element
Holographic foil can be found on banknotes, credit cards, seals, software licence seals, security features on ID cards, admission cards, documents, licences, contracts or medication.

Stay one step ahead of falsifiers and counterfeits!
In addition to hologram security foil, Vrijdag Premium Printing can add other visible and invisible security printing techniques to ensure unique identification. Combining these techniques makes counterfeiting more difficult and complex. Check out our security inks:

  • Infrared security ink
  • Ultraviolet security ink
  • Thermochromic security ink
  • DNA security ink
  • Interference security ink
  • Relief security ink

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