Folding Cartons

'Folding cartons can be punched into the most creative shapes! Minimum order quantity is 10.000 pieces.' 

Folding cartons gift boxes
The packaging solutions of folding cartons are versatile and unlimited. Folding cartons can be produced in many different shapes and sizes. It’s perfect for marketing supposes and promotions. Attract buyers with eye-catching printed folding cartons giftboxes. At Vrijdag Premium Printing we print the raw carton materials in a sheet-fed offset printing machine. Any (multi) color or motif is possible and either the entire or part of the surface can be printed.

Benefits of a folding cardboard giftbox

  • Ideal to be enhanced with special printing finishing effects
  • All-over printable
  • Packaging is delivered flat, which saves space during storage and transport
  • Are pre-glued and therefore easy to set up and fill
  • Are resealable
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Produced in the EU / The Netherlands

Application of Folding Gift Boxes
Folding cartons are used for a very wide range of products in all kinds of sectors and industries. Whether it’s for trade, commerce, food and non-food applications, cosmetics, jewellery or samples. Thanks to the increasing environmental pressure from brands and consumers that pushes the market towards eco-friendly materials, folding cartons become more and more popular.

Folding carton box dimensions (inner / internal size)
We basically can produce all custom sizes & shapes.

Folding cartons gift box with special printing techniques
Vrijdag Premium Printing offers you various options for refining folding cartons packaging. We are able to use special finishing techniques such as coatings, laminating, hot foil stamping, blind stamping, anti-counterfeit and security measures, etc. We can deliver the packaging in your desired design and is available in your corporate's identity. Let us advise you.

Minimum order quantity folding cardboard giftboxes
The minimum order quantity for folding cardboard gift packaging is 10.000 pcs.

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