Wet Glue Labels

'A fantastic way to represent the branding in high quality, minimum order quantity is 50,000 pieces!'

Wet-glue paper labels
Wet-glue labels are 'dry' paper labels, printed in offset and punched or cut out in the desired shape. Wet glue paper labels require adhesive before application. Within the world of food and beverage packaging, wet glue paper labels are still  the most used bottle decoration. Wet glue labels are popular thanks to the cost-effective, high-quality brand representation and sustainability through recycling the washed off labels.

Benefits of wet glue paper labels

  • Suitable for high line and labelling speed
  • Ideal for complex label shapes
  • Delivered in bundles / stacks
  • Due to the lack of an adhesive application suitable for a long term storage
  • Excellent quality and optimal product presentation
  • All-over printable  with unique varnishes  printing techniques
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Produced in the EU / The Netherlands

Application of wet glue labels
Wet-glue paper labels are ideal for alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage market. The labels can alsosuit a wide variety of other applications, such as box covering, lamination, food wrapping and interleaving.

Finishing techniques
Our broad range of finishing techniques allows us to produce almost any kind of wet glue label. We can deliver wet glue labels according to your brand identity with special varnishes so you can stand out from the crowd. Vrijdag Premium Printing can create labels with looks and finishes that are truly unique.

Wet glue label dimensions
In consultation (almost unlimited options)

Minimum order quantity wet-glue labels
The minimum order quantity for wet glue labels is 50.000 pcs.

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