'With a sleeve you can add extra value to any packaging, minimum order quantity is 5,000 pieces!'

Carton Packaging Sleeves
Are you looking for ways to enhance your product packaging? Packaging sleeves are a versatile, cost effective way of promoting your product whilst giving protection and product information. Imagine how easy you can improve your product shelf appeal just by wrapping cardboard sleeves around them. Wrapped paper sleeves are also used as accent or design on other prints - for invitations, cards and books. It is an easy answer to a boring product display.

Benefits of carton packaging sleeves

  • Makes your products even more attractive
  • Sleeve give packaging a new look without investment
  • Improves your product's shelf appeal
  • Makes a product look super professional
  • Will fit each product, branding or seasonal themes
  • Extra space for marketing information 
  • All-over printable
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Produced in the EU / The Netherlands

Application of cardboard packaging sleeves
Packaging sleeves are perfect for the retail, homeware, beverage, food, automotive, medical, software, confectionery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. It provides a flexible packaging solution to maximize branding and the perceived value of an item.

Cardboard packaging sleeves dimensions
We basically can produce all custom sizes & shapes.

Packaging sleeves special printing techniques 
Improve the visibility and presentation of your product by adding unique finishing techniques to your sleeve. We can deliver carton packaging sleeves according to your band identity with special varnishes so you can stand out from the crowd.

Minimum order quantity sleeves
The minimum order quantity for sleeves is 5.000 pcs.

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Which sleeve size and shape enhances your packaging presentation? Which paper choice ensures an optimal look and feel? What kind of printing finishes would suit your brand identity? Is it for an existing or new packaging? Feel free to get in touch with us for custom advice!

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