Spot UV

'A glossy lacquer layer to accentuate certain parts of the print such as logos, letters and icons'

Glossy lacquer in certain 'spots' on the print
Spot UV is a lacquer layer with extreme gloss. And can be a great way to emphasise certain areas of the print. Highly suitable for accentuating logos, texts, icons or parts of an image. Adding Spot UV to a packaging or label print creates a unique and luxurious look.

In addition to gloss, Spot UV can also be applied to a printing sheet in various layer thicknesses. Meaning that the effects of Spot UV do not only play with the eyes (matte and gloss effects), but can also play with the touch. Applying texture by means of Spot UV can be done by applying a variety of thicknesses of the Spot UV lacquer and by using matte and smooth surface effects. Our customers love Spot UV because of the many effects it can create.

How do we print the Spot UV?
Spot UV is printed with our sheet-fed offset printing press. We print a wafer-thin layer of Spot UV lacquer and immediately after, the sheets are exposed to ultraviolet light. This UV light cures the Spot UV print immediately. Because the curing process is quick, it is also possible to opt for a thicker layer of Spot UV lacquer instead of a wafer-thin one. Applying more volume of Spot UV lacquer creates texture and relief patterns in the print. This Spot UV effect is worth considering because these results are stunningly beautiful. 

How many different Spot UV colour effects can be printed?
Spot UV effects can be printed in transparent as well as coloured lacquer. Of course, the background colour of the paper or cardboard has a major influence on the final result. Darker backgrounds often create the strongest contrast with the high-gloss lacquer. 

Can Spot UV be printed on paper and cardboard?
Yes, we can print Spot UV on both paper and cardboard. Spot UV is best combined with matte finished paper, soft touch or a dark background. This contrasts the strongest with the extreme shine. 

Is Spot UV printing durable?
Spot UV with a matte look is more durable than the glossy version because it is free of solvents and does not emit any volatile organic compounds when cured. At Vrijdag Premium Printing, we try to use sustainable raw materials in every step of the printing process where possible and, together with our suppliers, we continuously test more environmentally friendly raw materials.

Is the metallic print effect suitable for labels and packaging?
Yes, Spot UV is suitable for almost all labels and packaging. Even though Spot UV is often used to provide detail elements with an extra high-gloss layer, Spot UV can also be printed all-over.

Does Spot UV combine well with other printing effects?
Yes, Spot UV combines well with other printing effects. For example, combine: Spot UV with embossing or Spot UV with foil or Spot UV with gravure printing! By combining different printing effects, it is possible to provide your packaging or label with a unique look and feel.

Design tips

  • Spot UV works best on a matte surface.
  • Can be applied to a printing sheet in different heights/thicknesses
  • Is stain and scratch resistant
  • Can be printed transparent as well as in colour
  • Can be applied all-over or locally (as a detail)
  • Ideal for making texts and logos on packaging stand out
  • Adds a luxurious look to the print
  • Spot UV can be printed on a plain background, this can create an optical effect
  • Choose colours with a high contrast to reach an optimal gloss effect
  • It is possible to 'print' water droplets with Spot UV


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