Labels and Hang Tags

'Beautiful branded labels or hang tags, minimum order quantity is 10,000 pieces!'

Add value to your product presentation with stunning labels or hang tags
Make an impression with a label or hang tag and add it to your product presentation. Packaging with label or hang tag makes your product stand out on the shelf. It is an affordable way to add a glimpse of premium and luxury to the presentation. All labels or hang tags are made entirely according to your wishes and printed with your own design in the most beautiful color (effects). You can choose thin or heavy cardboard. Heavy cardboard usually provides a slightly more luxurious look. The great thing about labels and hang tags is that they are suitable for almost any market segment and immediately add value to a brand.

'Even a small label with a relevant message can encourage customers to buy your product.'

Ideal for sharing extra information
Labels and hang tags are ideal for sharing extra information about your brand or product with the consumer. Share the story behind your brand, production or vision. It may also contain additional information about the product. This ensures that a label or hang tag is not only beautiful, it is also an information carrier. It can be used for temporary actions or promotions. Think of a discount coupon or an invitation to an event.

Minimum order quantity of labels and hang tags is 10,000 pieces
You can have your labels and hang tags printed with your own design according to your wishes. Minimum order is 10,000 pieces. Be inspired by the brands that have gone before you.

Labels and hang tags in any shape, color or printing
A label or hang tag can be diecut in different shapes (rectangle, round, oval, shell and heart shape). It can also be diecutted in the shape of your logo. We have a huge selection of color choices and you can even opt for hot foil stamping to add a durable metallic accent to your logo or message. We love to create product labels that stand out on the shelves and perfectly brand your product.

Sustainable labels and hang tags
For customers looking for FSC-certified hang tags and labels; Vrijdag Premium Printing has an FSC certificate. This is paper that has been harvested responsibly. In addition, it is also possible to choose new or recycled paper. The choice of material depends on your packaging design, packaging construction and printing. Because the possibilities are endless, one of our packaging specialists will guide you throughout the entire process.

'Our beautifully printed labels and hang tags are an affordable way to present your packaging in a unique way.'

Premium labels and hang tags thanks to special printing
Special printing plays a vital role in drawing customers' attention to your products. Vrijdag Premium Printing has a huge selection of printing effects that can be added to your label or hang tag. Adding special effects activates the senses and generates an extra experience for the consumer. Printing in only full color is no longer sufficient these days, consumers expect more. People want an unboxing experience, which is an important incentive why people nowadays choose a certain brand. An attractive label or hang tag can take a product / packaging to the next level. Are you curious about our special printing effects? Do you want to be inspired? Then click on this link.

Label or hang tag dimensions (inner / internal size)
The options are variable:
Length: minimum 88 mm – maximum 600 mm
Width: minimum 50 mm – maximum 400 mm

Advantages of using a label or hang tag

  • An extra special presentation of your brand
  • Can provide additional information about the product
  • Provides commercial  opportunities
  • Stimulates new consumers to discover your products
  • Promotion of your bestsellers or favourites
  • Ideal for a (festive) "limited edition"
  • Good for both offline and online sales

Questions? Please contact us
Would you like to add a label or hang tag to your product or packaging? Are you curious about the possibilities? Would you like advice or sparring with an advisor? Please feel free to contact us.

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Special printing finishes are like the frosting on the cake, that makes your brand complete and truly memorable. Multiple print effects can be added on the same sheet! Grab customers’ attention with printed Metallics in bright colours, Spot UV, Glitter and Pearlescent, 3D textures, Matte and Gloss effects or Microstructures.

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