Interference security ink

‘This pearlescent ink changes colour when the printed matter is tilted at an angle of 45°.'

What is interference ink?
This ink is comparable to the ink used to print numbers on banknotes. It changes colour when the surface is tilted. This ink can be used as a security feature, but because of the special printing effect we often see interference ink being used as a refinement as well.

When to use interference ink as a security feature in printed matter?
This technique is especially suited when you, as a brand owner, want to identify your own products.

Possibilities of interference ink
Both cardboard and paper can be printed with interference ink. Various colours are available and the printing effect depends on the surface. Interference ink has the best effect on a dark surface. For designers, this is important to take into account. 

Interference ink suitable for use in the food industry
The pigments of the interference ink are suitable for food packaging.

Stay one step ahead of falsifiers and counterfeits!
In addition to interference security ink, Vrijdag Premium Printing can add other visible and invisible security printing techniques to ensure unique identification. Combining these techniques  makes counterfeiting more difficult and complex. Check out our other security printing inks:

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  • Ultraviolet security ink
  • Thermochromic security ink
  • DNA security ink
  • Hologram security foil
  • Relief security ink

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