'Deep gold-, copper-, silver-, red-, blue- and other metal color tones added to print'

What is dust-bronzing?
In the process of dust-bronzing, a metallic powder is attached to a wet ink coating. The powder has a deep authentic metallic color, which cannot be achieved by printing with foil or ink. The dust-bronzing finishing technique gives a luxurious and exclusive appearance, often used with high-quality packaging and products.

Color range of dust-bronzing
Dust-Bronzing powder is available in a wide range of colors! Think of silver, rosé to pearl-nut, gold and copper colors. All CMYK colors, PMS colors can be combined with bronze powder. The options are endless and very impressive.

Advantages of dust-bronzing

  • Gives your designs a deep gold, copper, silver, other metal color tones
  • Authentic high-quality printing effects
  • Options are endless and very impressive
  • Can be perfectly combined with various finishing techniques

Application of dust-bronzing
Dust-bronzing is often used in the production of first-class, high-quality and premium printing work, where striking effects are needed. The use of bronze in the design ensures that a product stands out from the crowd. It brings authenticity and a unique effect.

In contrast to what the name suggests, Vrijdag Premium Printing offers metal-colored powders WITHOUT actual metal. These mineral-based powders create all the desired metallic-colored effects, but are actually metal-free. This makes it very suitable for, for example, labels and packaging that come in direct contact with foodstuffs.

Combine printing techniques
Dust-Bronzing can be perfectly combined with various finishing techniques. Think for example of embossing, sheeting, gravure printing, lacquering and punching.

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Combine dust-bronzing with special lacquers!

Lacquers on print can give a design that distinctive effect. Lacquers can add touch, odor, extra shine, dimension or protection to print designs. The finishing technique for lacquering can be applied overall or locally (spot varnish). The choice of lacquer type depends on what effect you want to achieve.

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