100% Rich Black Print

'If black must be really need to be 100% rich black'

How black is your black print?
Black is not always black when printed. Sometimes black appears very gray and pale when printed. The difference between what you see on your screen and the color black that is printed can be very large, but why is that? This often has to do with the settings in the layout program.

Black isn't black? 100% black
For fuller, deep black, there must be a perfect combination of four colors. Our advice? Go for Cyan 50% Margenta 50% Yellow 50% Key 100% for your black surface. This way you reach a deep black with a total ink coverage of 250%. If you go higher than that 250%, there is a good chance that the printed matter will stain.

Specially rich black
If you want it even deeper black, then Vrijdag Premium Printing offers a very intense black with its gravure press. If black really has to be black! Ready for designs with beautiful, deep black surfaces? Our experts are always ready for you! We are happy to show you the different options.

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Combine Rich Black Print with Special Lacquers!

Lacquers on print can give a design that distinctive effect. Lacquers can add touch, odor, extra shine, dimension or protection to print designs. The finishing technique for lacquering can be applied overall or locally (spot varnish). The choice of lacquer type depends on what effect you want to achieve.

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Need advice about Rich Black Printing?

Do you have questions how to Print 100% rich black? Seeking expert printing advise for new or existing packaging? Do you have questions about the special printing effects and how this can serve you? Feel free to get in touch.

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