Ensure the success of your packaging

What does your target audience really think about your packaging or new packaging design?

Discover the Desirability Scan
We offer you the opportunity to gain insights into the desirability of your packaging in a simple and affordable way. We measure this through a response target group research on a scientific basis! The Desirability Scan reveals an impression of the effect of a new packaging design in the consumer's subconsciousness, compared to two different designs; for example the old packaging and/or the competition.
It measures four points of reference: sustainability perception, attractiveness, uniqueness and sales power.
 You can imagen that this information can be extremely valuable and useful!

'95% of our thoughts and behaviour comes from our subconscious mind'

How does the subconscious brain work
Only 5% of what people do and think, is conscious. The conscious mind works with reason, logic and willpower. Think of calculating sums, coming up with ingredients for a recipe or filling in a questionnaire. Those are the simple things that everyone does in everyday life. The other 95 percent of brain activity is subconscious. The subconscious brain works with images and emotions, you could see this like a large biological supercomputer. Your subconsciousnes controls breathing, blood pressure, how you walk, talk, move, heart rate, how you behave and much more. So to really find out what your target group thinks of your packaging, measuring the subconscious response is way more interesting than the conscious one.

Find out how successful your new packaging design is
More than seventy brain studies and several thousand brain measurements have contributed to a unique algorithm that supports the Desirability Scan. These algorithms are scientifically reliable. It examines, among other things, the speed with which a respondent makes the connection between a packaging and four points of reference: sustainability, attractiveness, distinctiveness and sales power. The Desirabilty Scan is administered entirely online and under time pressure (which activates the unconscious). The scan allows you to make a reliable prediction about the potential success of your new packaging.

'Access to valuable information you don't want to miss!'

What can you test?
The scan allows you to make a reliable prediction about how your response target group reacts on a (new) packaging design compared to two different designs; for example the old packaging and/or the competition. See how your response target group links your packaging with sustainability, attractiveness, distinctiveness and selling power. Many comparisons are possible. For example:

  • Comparison of your packaging with two packaging of your competitors
  • Comparison of your current packaging with two possible redesigns
  • Comparison of your current packaging form / construction with two other forms / constructions
  • Comparison of your current packaging printing effects with 2 other printing effects
  • Comparison of a packaging concept in three different versions

How does the Desirability Scan work?
1. Upload an image of your packaging you would like to test and for two products you would like to compare with (e.g. alternative designs or competitors)
2. Select which target group you want to test your packaging on. Choose:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Country

3. Create an account
4. Choose payment method
5. Receive the results of your scan within 1 week!

'All this for only € 2,500 -'

Advantages of a Desirability Scan

  • Quickly obtain valuable information about the desirability of your packaging
  • Very affordable
  • 100% online
  • Tailored to your target group
  • Is arranged completely online
  • Focused on 4 key benchmarks: sustainability, attractiveness, distinctiveness and selling power
  • Results displayed on an interactive dashboard
  • You will also receive a full report in PDF format

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