Article in - Eindhoven printer of cigar bands is looking for new fame: how Covid supports the sales of Vrijdag Premium Printing to generate luxurious packaging

'It may cost a little, looks nice and is made sustainable. Corona helps Vrijdag Premium Printing to score with luxurious, innovative packaging and labels'

EINDHOVEN - Author: Peter Scholtes, date: 06-02-21
Although Vrijdag Premium Printing is famous for its cigar bands, now-a-days the packaging printer scores with luxurious, innovative packaging and labels. Managing Director Henk Nota shows a shiny deck of casino playing cards. Walking through production I see bright green liqueur bottle labels with gold printing effects that catch everyone’s eye. Printing sheets with cigar bands are still to be found, but Vrijdag Premium Printing is now-a-days home in many markets.

The 115-year-old company is ready to take the next step. In about five years' time, a lot more turnover should come from outside the tobacco industry. Henk Nota thinks of a 70-30% ratio. At this moment more than half is earned on cigar bands, packaging or cigarette boxes.

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