Visit Packadore during the DDW 2022

Vrijdag Premium Printing is proud partner of Packadore Collective
Vrijdag Premium Printing works collectively with SGK, Generous Minds, Neurensics, Kurz, Merck, Circulware responsibles and KIWA to design and implement both desirable and sustainable packaging solutions, to help brands create real impact, now and in the future.

Put it in your calendar! Dutch Design Week 22 to 30 October 2022

Dutch Design Week 2022
The nine-day Dutch Design Week (DDW) will take place in Eindhoven - the Netherlands from 22 to 30 October. The largest design event in Northern Europe presents work and concepts by more than 2000 designers to more than 350,000 visitors from home and abroad. Spread over about 100 locations throughout the city of Eindhoven, the DDW organizes and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, award ceremonies, network meetings, debates and festivities.

Packadore Collective is official partner of DDW - Embassy of Rethinking Plastic
Packadore is a collective of like-minded experts from the packaging industry who want to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging industry and are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Vrijdag Premium Printing is proud to be a partner of Packadore Collective. Vrijdag Premium Printing believes in designing attractive and sustainable packaging solutions that add value to a brand and thereby increase its performance.

Packadore has been an official DDW partner of Embassy of Rethinking Plastic since 2022. Packadore believes it is high time to change our view on plastics and how we can deal with them differently. Under the title 'Inclusive' we combine concept/design/innovation with consumer neuroscience research. During Dutch Design Week 2022 we will take you through the many possibilities of the material plastic. We will inspire you how companies can give substance to the Rethinking Plastic theme.

Where can you find Packadore during the DDW?
Packadore Collective exhibits at Dutch Design Week 2022 at Yksi Expo. At Yksi Expo, at the heart of this event, you can marvel or be amazed about current themes such as sustainability, circular design and social design. This year under the title 'Inclusive', as Packadore we combine concept/design/innovation with consumer neuroscientific research.

'Packadore Collective will again be present at the DDW this year!'

YKSI EXPO (free entry)
Torenallee 22-04 (Strijp-S)
5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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