Interview with packaging developer Leanne Pieters about the printing effect: Embossing

Leanne Pieters, owner of Loft Packaging & Design, is one of the packaging developers who participated in a series of short videos highlighting special printing effects by Vrijdag Premium Printing. The printing effect that emerges in the film with Leanne is about embossing.
About Leanne Pieters
Packaging that helps a brand to grow: with significant design experience and knowledge about packaging techniques and processes, packaging developer Leanne Pieters of Loft Packaging & Design develops stunning packaging that increase sales. Meet Leanne Pieters and discover her vision on packaging and the power of printing effects as part of the consumer experience.

Embossing, can you briefly explain what makes embossing on packaging so special?
Leanne: An embossing is actually a very subtle effect, but it really gives your packaging something extra. On the shelf and more over with the packaging in your hands you discover an extra layer of detail. With a nice word we call that "hand value". This means that the customer finds the packaging extra special.

Personally, I always like a "blind embossing" very much. You emphasize a shape or, for example, a logo only with a relief, without ink. This gives a very subtle, but luxurious effect to your packaging.

When do you qualify packaging as unforgettable?
Leanne: For me, unforgettable packaging is packaging that has been taken care of, down to the last detail.

For example, I ordered a bracelet online last week. The packaging was very simple, but you could just see that a lot of attention had been paid to it. First a nice shipping box with branding, the product wrapped in tissue paper with a luxury sticker, a nice jewelry box with a logo in gold foil, in it again a small card… I was almost more enthusiastic about the packaging than the product itself.

On your website, you write that practical packaging does not need to be a boring brown box. And beautiful packaging does not have to be expensive. Can you explain this?
Leanne: I certainly believe that functional and beautiful go together very well in a package. You can also design a purely practical and functional packaging in such a way that it still matches your brand image.

And that doesn't have to be complicated at all. Packaging is not only beautiful if you have pulled out all the bells and whistles for it: from gold foil to shiny effects. A simple brown cardboard packaging with a nicely designed logo in black or white can also be very nice in certain cases. Everything starts with good design.

What do you think are the packaging trends at the moment?
Leanne: In recent years, things like interactive packaging and personalization have been cited as trends. But to be fair, these are things I don't often use in my designs.

As far as I am concerned, strong packaging is packaging that matches your brand image and that gives your brand a striking and individual look. Such a design stems from the core values ​​of your company and not from packaging trends. But if personalized packaging really adds something to your brand, it is of course a nice option to use.

Furthermore, reducing plastic and the CO2 footprint has been a hot topic for years. I therefore consciously choose to only develop packaging in paper and cardboard. I find these very nice materials to work with. And the good recycling systems for paper and board make it a sustainable choice.

What are the advantages of packaging made of paper and cardboard?
Leanne: Paper is such a versatile material, it really can do a lot more than you think! It is easy to process into many different shapes and functions. It is beautiful and easy to print and you can apply awesome effects (such as embossing) to it.

And I also like the idea that paper or cardboard packaging is easy to recycle. and thus be a sustainable solution. For example: 86% of the paper and cardboard used in the Netherlands is collected and reused!

Sustainable elements on packaging can be interesting and inspiring. Do you notice that your customers are aware of what is possible with sustainable printing effects?
Leanne: I notice that customers are very concerned with sustainable packaging in general: Reducing plastic or the amount of material. But there is still little attention for sustainable printing: more sustainable inks, durable printing effects, etc.

I also do not expect my customers to be aware of all the possibilities and technical developments. This is really specialist information. I see it as my task as a packaging developer to inform my customers about the possibilities and to think along with them about a nice and sustainable solution.

How can a brand distinguish itself with their packaging?
Leanne: Distinctive packaging starts with a good design: A design that completely matches who you are as a brand and what you want to radiate. "Nobody is you and that's your superpower!"

And of course it is also important that that beautiful design is properly executed and printed. That your packaging becomes just as beautiful in real life as the design on your screen. Fully made up with beautiful materials and printing effects. Packaging that looks neat and tidy down to the last detail will certainly stand out to consumers!

What do you think is important in the collaboration with a printing company?
Leanne: I think it is important to have a good business relationship with a printing company. A collaboration that goes further than sending the files and a printing company that prints them. It is nice if you can think along with each other about the best solution, both for the printer and for the customer.

I have a lot of technical knowledge about packaging, but a printer really knows all the ins and outs of his own process. With good cooperation, we can optimally use the techniques together to achieve the best possible result.

Thank you Leanne for your time and your participation in the short video about embossing printing effects.

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