Vrijdag Premium Printing will accelerate sustainable innovation together with Impact Nation.

Sustainable entrepreneurship for our next generation of printers
Today we are facing a challenge as a company to improve our sustainable performance. Sustainability, circular entrepreneurship, the market demands it! Of course, in recent years we have taken constructive steps towards a sustainable existence in various areas, but we have to do more! It is important that sustainability is placed on a strategic level. After all, sustainable living not only helps our society towards a better future. We believe this is the only way to pass on our existence to the next generation of printers.

Vrijdag Premium Printing will participate in Impact Nation
Impact Nation is an initiative of ABN AMRO Bank, TNW and Impact Hub. Eight companies have been selected to participate in this first Impact Nation project. We expect that, thanks to Impact Nation, Vrijdag Premium Printing will accelerate its sustainability performance.

Impact Nation links companies to sustainable start-ups
As part of Impact Nation, the participating companies will be  linked to sustainable start-ups or scale-ups. By sharing knowledge, it is possible to innovate together. During this process, Impact Nation provides guidance and support for the practical implementation in the organization of the participating companies. Working together with a sustainable start-up or scale-up is a great opportunity for our company. 

Impact Nation has already started!
The selection procedure for participation in Impact Nation has been completed and as mentioned before, Vrijdag Premium Printing is one of the eight participants. We have formulated a 'sustainability challenge' and in the next six months we will investigate which of the start-ups or scale-ups fits our challenge.

Keep reading our blogs and stay up to date
Over the next six months we will frequently keep you informed about this sustainable adventure. Keep a close watch to our blogs as sustainability offers opportunities for everyone on every level.

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