Interview with strategic packaging developer Pieter Steenaert about the printing effect: Sheedfed- Gravure Printing.

Pieter Steenaert, co-owner of Brum Design is one of the packaging experts who participated in a series of short videos highlighting special printing effects by Vrijdag Premium Printing. Get to know Pieter and his view on sheedfed gravure printing effects on packaging.

"Realistic printed metal effects, all-over textured lacquers and printing in RGB colors. Sheedfed gravure printing makes it possible, also in short runs”

Pieter Steenaert - “We continue to surprise our customer with remarkably good packaging design. By thinking and acting slightly differently. Designing is human work. It's about attention and creativity. 

What do you think are the main packaging trends of the moment?
Pieter: More and more people pay attention to the quality of packaging. Next to that they want an original packaging design with a real story to it. Overall high-quality, beautiful materials and impressive printing.

The demand for sustainable packaging is continuing to increase. Do you notice that your customers are aware of what is possible in the field of sustainable printing effects?
Pieter: Sustainability is often associated with brown boxes and bags. People often do not (yet) realize that special printing effects such as high-gloss gold, silver and metallic effects are now also eco-friendly.

How can printing increase the value of packaging and how can help it stand out on the shelf?
Pieter: Making your product stand out on the shelf is creating a packaging with stopping power! Intense colors can help with that. There are also printing effects that seem to change when you walk by them. Movement and change of color is eye catching and creates extra attention. Many products become a real "wanna have" because of the packaging. For that reason packaging is the 5th  “P” for marketers.

How can gravure printing add that unique appearance to packaging design?
Pieter: When it comes to packaging, we often speak of the "hand value". The “hand value” increases when a package has better performance and interacts with a (prospective) buyer when it’s been held. By adding gravure printing effects to your packaging design you will achieve faster that desired “hand value”. The advantage of gravure printing is that it can add more ink to paper in comparison to f.e. offset printing. Perfect if you f.e. want to add print on dark paper. Gravure printing can also print beautiful pearlescent effects that definitely draw extra attention to your packaging.

Gravure printing can produce many different special printing effects on paper and cardboard. Which three effects make you extremely enthusiastic and why?
Pieter: For luxury products and special editions, I get very excited about the high brilliant metallic effects. Specially printed on dark paper they give extra effect. When you are designing on white paper, pearlescent effects gives just that extra cachet to the print.

RGB printing on a black basis is something that is possible via Gravure printing. The RGB color range is much wider than CMYK and the effects are incredibly innovative. For which industry do you see opportunities?
Pieter: It’s a very special printing technique and the RGB color range is indeed much wider than in CMYK. That is why in general I see opportunities for f.e. brochures of cars. Car paints are now printed as separate colors. With RGB printing this is no longer necessary. When it comes to packaging, the first thing I think of is cosmetics, because the added value of beautiful printed packaging is key to these products.

What do you think is important in the cooperation with a printing company?
Pieter: The most important thing about working with a printing company is that you understand each other, that there are short lines of communication and that we challenge each other. At Brum Design, team collaboration is central. We think in terms of solutions; how can things go better? It is crucial to us that a partner like a printing company also thinks the same way. Together we achieve surprising results that are truly innovative.

Thank you Pieter, for your time and your participation in the short video about gravure printing.

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