Interview with brand- and packaging designer Ingrid van Engelen about the printing effect: Varnishing.

Ingrid van Engelen, co-owner of Freelanceteam, is one of the packaging developers who participated in a series of short videos highlighting special printing effects by Vrijdag Premium Printing. The printing effect that emerges in the film with Ingrid is about varnishing.

"Give your print work more shine! Go for varnish. "

Freelanceteam: "Creatives in communication." The purpose of packaging is to communicate with the buyer. Attract attention and convey a message. Packaging designed by Ingrid van Engelen has a well thought-out appearance. During the 25 years of experience Ingrid has worked for many key brands.

How important is it for the appearance of a packaging to add a print effect to the design?
Ingrid: Very important! It’s my challenge, while creating a packaging design, to stand out from comparable packaging designs of the competition. Often that’s achievable by adding something special to the print. For example with adding a gloss varnish to the design to make it very subtle and emphasizes the message.

Do you feel that customers, when developing a new packaging design, are aware of the added value of a special printing effect? If so, does the customer come up with examples?
Ingrid: The customer is increasingly aware of going the extra mile to distinguish themselves with their own product. Packaging is an essential part of that. There are of course trends in terms of printing techniques and I think it is very difficult for the customer to make choices.

When you consider varnishing effects, how can varnish help a packaging stand out on the shelf?
Ingrid: A packaging with varnish effects gives a kind of movement of reflection when you walk by and is therefore also displayed differently from different angles. Of course the illumination angle and thus reflection adds to get the attention of a customer.

Some varnishing effects do not respond to the visual experience but more to the touch and feeling. Soft-touch is an example of this. Is responding to the senses an increasingly important aspect for eye-catching packaging?
Ingrid: Sure! People like to grasp / feel the product and thus the packaging to get a certain association / feeling. This can be a plus for the purchase.

What do you think are the packaging trends of the moment?
Ingrid: Sustainability is important at the moment, with the risk reducing the desirable aspects of the packaging. Sustainable packaging can still be desirable and attractive. I think we consciously choose packaging that you cherish and not just to throw it away.

The demand for sustainable packaging is growing. Do you notice that your customers are aware of what is possible in the field of sustainable printing effects?
Ingrid: No, customers know very little about sustainable packaging and sustainable printing effects. Most of the people think of sustainable recycled paper and cardboard, while there are also sustainable printing effects such as Sparkling Mineral Powder (SMP), embossing, biodegradable varnishes and recyclable foils.

What do you think is important in the cooperation with a printing company?
Ingrid: Communication about all print and material options. I can design something very special, but if that cannot be done, I obviously missed the point. Cooperation between the technical people at a printer and me as a designer is key.   

Thank you Ingrid for your time and your participation in the short video about varnish printing effects.
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