Luxury cigar bands

Vrijdag Premium Printing Eindhoven excels since its founding in the production of cigar bands. The Dutch company is even one of the largest producers of cigar bands in the world. Every year hundreds of millions of bands are printed for manufacturers of cigars worldwide.

What is a cigar band?

A cigar band can be defined as a small loop made of paper or foil fitted around the body of a cigar to promote its brand or variety.

The specialty of Vrijdag Premium Printing is the printing of labels and packaging. According to Henk Nota, Chief Executive of Vrijdag, the cigar band is of great importance for the entire presentation of a cigar. Obviously it's all about the taste of the cigar, but a good looking strap provides more experience. Vrijdag makes use of specialized printing techniques in such a way that this experience can perfectly be connected to the smoking of the cigar.

Vrijdag Premium Printing invests heavily in high-end technology to make the cigar bands. An example is the hologram band of Cohiba Behike which has a unique 3D effect. Read more on cigar bands

Cigar Bands Vrijdag Premium Printing

Cigar Bands and more...

Next to cigar bands, Vrijdag Premium Printing is also the best address for developing luxury cigar boxes. To this end, Vrijdag has developed several cigar boxes, including the valve box, V-box and C-box. More information about our packaging solutions can be found on our site.

Moreover, Vrijdag Premium Printing is well-known for the development of special packaging for many luxury brands and products. A packaging of Vrijdag Premium Printing gives your product the exclusive appearance it deserves.

If you have questions about our products and technologies, please feel free to contact us.