Welcome Stephan Qarimi

Vrijdag Premium Printing is expanding its sales team with a new hire: Stephan Qarimi.
Stephan Qarimi joins the team as International Account Manager. Prior to this new position, Qarimi spent nearly 14 years in the cigar industry working for Royal Agio Cigars and Swisher / Drew Estate as International Sales & Marketing Manager. He is being described as an avid relationship builder and an energetic, passionate, well-organized business professional with an extensive global experience.

“I have a passion for the cigar industry,” Qarimi said. “Working in this great industry for so many years already allowed me to learn a lot about the cigar business. I feel lucky to have built great relationships with cigar manufacturers and many people in the industry over the years. Vrijdag Premium Printing is well known in the  cigar industry for its one of a kind embellishing techniques for cigar rings, labels, and boxes. I look forward to join Vrijdag Premium Printing and I am excited to help the premium cigar manufacturers we work for to grow their business and cigar brands by creating true added brand and packaging value like no other.”

Henk Nota, Managing Director of Vrijdag Premium Printing , commented: “I am very happy to welcome Stephan to our team. We are operating in a wide variety of luxury packaging segments, but Stephan will be focusing on the premium cigar industry. I am positive Stephan’s experience, knowledge and relationship management capabilities will complement the team and our service. At Vrijdag Premium Printing we look forward to continuing our focus to provide  the world class partnership in premium packaging solutions that Vrijdag Premium Printing is known for in all our markets.”

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