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'What can the power of packaging mean for your brand?'

We are all tempted by packaging. Every Dutch person opens an average of 2,555 packages per year, of which only 20% is not recyclable. We are increasingly taking sustainable packaging into account. But how do you ensure that your packaging stands out, both online and on the shelf? Does your packaging match the target group you want to reach? Does your design sell your product? And not entirely unimportant: do you stay ahead of the competition with your packaging?

Vrijdag Premium Printing present at Packaging Innovations 2021!
You have come to the right place for packaging that must be both attractive and sustainable. During the Packaging Innovations 2021, our Vrijdag team: Felix Rietveld and Meerle Mennen are ready to inspire you in terms of sustainable and attractive packaging, with distinctive printing effects. We present you our Print Collection and would like to introduce you to the Sustainability PackChecker.

'Attractive packaging design motivates people to make impulsive choices.'

The Print Collection of Vrijdag Premium Printing
This year we will be presenting our exclusive print collection at the fair. This collection gives a wonderful impression of the possibilities of special printing effects. Printing in only full color is no longer sufficient these days, consumers expect more. The experience of the packaging and the unpacking is one of the main reasons why people choose a certain company or brand these days. You can reinforce your brand identity with eye-catching packaging.

There are various ways to stimulate the senses and emotions of the consumer by means of special printing. Special printed effects often respond to visual stimuli, but there are also effects that involve feeling. With Vrijdag Premium Printing, multiple printing effects can be added on the same sheet! Discover our printed matter collection during the Packaging Innovations and be inspired.

Get to know the Packadore – Sustainability PackChecker
Vrijdag Premium Printing is part of the Packadore collective (see and together we have developed the so-called Sustainability PackChecker. This tool provides insight into the CO2 emissions of materials used in packaging and provides insight into the possibilities of reducing this. We have a demo available at our booth and we hand out the first 25 Packchecks for free!

Practical information

Dates and opening hours:
wed. 17 & Thu. Nov 18, 2021
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Taets Art & Event Park, Amsterdam
Hemkade 16 (Hembrug site)
1506 PR Amsterdam (Zaandam)

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  Felix Rietveld              Meerle Mennen

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