Spectacular playing cards at Vrijdag Premium Printing!

'A must-have premium gift to support and strengthen your brand' 

Vrijdag Premium Printing has added playing cards to its product range. Including innovative and spectacular printing effects on high-quality material. And fully provided with distinctive packaging. A must-have premium gift to support and strengthen your brand!

Unprecedentedly popular and customisable
Playing cards remain incredibly popular. Traditionally, for the purpose of card and board games, in casinos, but also within the trendy gaming industry. Playing cards can bolster a brand, be part of a promotional campaign, or serve as a fun giveaway. It is also possible to have a business card made in the form of a playing card. A real eye-catcher! Vrijdag Premium Printing can supply playing cards displaying your own design, theme and company logo. Everything can be tailored to your wishes. Equipped with impressive printing effects. 

"Innovative and spectacular printing effects"

Can all print effects be applied to playing cards?
Yes, almost all print effects can be applied to a playing card. However, some print effects are not suitable for playing cards. This depends on the requirements a playing card must meet. For example, casino, poker or bridge playing cards must have a certain smoothness (coating). In that case, we don't recommend certain special printing effects. We can produce playing cards from special cardboard. Here too, it is important to take into account the required properties the playing cards must meet. Professional playing cards have other requirements than playing cards used for board games. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience with print effects and we offer any material you can imagine. We are happy to advise you!

In addition to the appearance of the playing cards, the outer packaging is an important part of its presentation. Attractive packaging increases the hand value of your playing cards. Depending on your wishes, you can choose from traditional tuck boxes, folding cartons, hinge boxes, sliding boxes or bottom lid boxes. Custom packaging is possible here as well!

"Thanks to the specialist knowledge and beautiful finishing of Vrijdag Premium Printing, we can leave an overwhelming impression at the casino table." Andrew Dodds - CEO, VXD International (Vertex GmbH)

A wonderful example from the field, involving playing cards with customised design, are VXD International's patented Diffractor playing cards. These professional casino-quality playing cards are unique due to the addition of transparent ID-secured holographic foil and their innovative designs. Made by Vrijdag Premium Printing!

The minimum purchase amount for playing cards is 3,000 sets.

Are you interested or would you like some advice? We are happy to think along with you! At Vrijdag Premium Printing we are glad to be of help! For additional information and all our options, I invite you to visit our website:

Stephan Qarimi
International Sales Manager
Vrijdag Premium Printing

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