New security seal for ProCigar against counterfeiting.

About ProCigar
ProCigar is the Association of Cigar Manufacturers in the Dominican Republic with the objectives to defend, protect and divulge the good name of the land of Cigar Country, exporter of the best Premium cigars in the world. Preserving this heritage and maintaining the quality on which this is built, that is the mission of the Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers.

Security seal against counterfeiting
As part of the commitment to quality and to stay ahead of counterfeiters and fraud, ProCigar uses security seals. These security seals are exclusive for ProCigar Members only and can be found on the bottom back of their cigar boxes. Since the introduction of this first seal, made by Vrijdag Premium Printing, the seal has been redesigned and modernized a few times, also by Vrijdag Premium Printing.

New seal features several security techniques
The new security seal, designed by Mr. Juan Carlos Fondeur and manufactured by Vrijdag Premium Printing, contains:

  • More colors (and those are the colors of the proud Dominican flag) 
  • Colors that are covered with a gloss and matt varnish
  • Matt varnish that creates little ProCigar logo’s in the back
  • Gold powder used in a special mix of different colors, a unique (secret) recipe, never used before, based out of minerals (non-metallic).
  • Micro-embossed holographic foil
  • Regular embossing
  • Contours of the Dominican Republic visible on the inside of  the middle oval
  • A special die-cut post-stamp (which has a security cut)
  • At the bottom a unique number for tracking and tracing
  • Self-adhesive material with a special and strong adhesive glue at the back

Security seals are exclusive for the ProCigar Members
Members of ProCigar are: General Cigar Dominicana S.A.S.La AuroraQuesada CigarsTabacalera de García S.A.S.Tabadom Holding, Inc.De Los Reyes CigarsTabacalera A. FuenteTabacalera La AlianzaLa Flor DominicanaTabacalera Palma and PDR Cigars.

With this new seal ProCigar members continue showing the world that their cigars are indeed original Dominican Cigars.

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