Compostable labels – more eco and with high attention value from special printing effects.

Vrijdag Premium Printing, in collaboration with Bio4Life, has developed an industrial compostable label that is not only more environmental friendly, but also has a high attention value.

Collaboration with Bio4Life is the key to innovation
At the beginning of 2020, Vrijdag Premium Printing participated in Impact Nation (, due to the desire to accelerate sustainable innovation. This put us in touch with Bio4Life. Bio4Life offers an exclusive range of compostable self-adhesive materials. They use raw materials that are extracted as much as possible from renewable sources and residual waste streams, so that the impact on the environment is minimal. The linking of Vrijdag Premium Printing by Impact Nation to Bio4Life was a logical step and a success. We proudly present an industrial compostable label that looks eye-catching.

Industrial compostable EN13432 certified labels
Our labels and adhesives are certified according to the European compostable standard EN13432. This means that the labels are fully industrially compostable. In this form of composting, material is broken down into compost in an industrial composting installation within 6 weeks. This is done under controlled physiological conditions. This is the difference with "home compostable", where there are very variable circumstances.

Compostable packaging
Compostable labels are of course best (or actually exclusively) on a compostable packaging or on a product such as fruit and vegetables that can be disposed of with the peel and all in the organic waste after use.

Which sustainable printing effects are optional for the compostable label?
Whether customers opt for one or more print effects, one thing is certain, everything is compostable and results in an attractive presentation of your product. We print with compostable full color ink from Green4print. Sparkling Mineral Powder can be added to the label for pearlescent accents. If you do not want to add additional raw materials, applying relief to the material is an alternative. Embossing is printing without ink. It creates beautiful 3D effects. 

Sustainable entrepreneurship for future generations!
Sustainability, circular entrepreneurship, the market demands it! The possibilities are endless , feel free to contact us. We deliver tailor-made solutions and are happy to advise you.

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